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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

AMLO presents team that will fulfill immigration pact with U.S.

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Reforma

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented the special team that will be in charge of fulfilling the commitments made with the United States Government on the issue of migration.

"We have a deadline to prove that it is possible, with development and well-being, to temper the migratory phenomenon, which is not the use of force, it’s the alternative," he said at a morning conference.

The Special Commission will be headed by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, in addition to five officials who will carry out various tasks.

This is General Vicente Antonio Hernandez Sanchez, who will be responsible for accelerating the deployment of the National Guard in the border area, which begins today in Chiapas.

Also Francisco Garduño, responsible for the links with the migration areas, to register and dialogue with the asylum seekers.

Javier May Rodríguez, undersecretary of Welfare, will be in charge of development and welfare issues in the southern region of Mexico.

Horacio Duarte, undersecretary of Employment, will organize the plan of attention to migrants waiting for asylum in the north of the country.

Meanwhile, the Under Secretary for Latin America and the Caribbean, Maximiliano Reyes Zúñiga, will be responsible for implementing the actions of the Integral Development Plan.

"The purpose of all this is to regulate the migratory flow according to international laws and commitments," said Chancellor Ebrard.

[International law dictates asylum seekers seek asylum in closest nation.  Within this agreement asylum seekers can apply and process in Mexico or Central America. Deployment begins today of 6000 National Guard to Mexico’s southern border and 6 migratory points to the travel route to the northern border]


  1. The biggest challenge in the long run, will be dealing with corruption at the state level.

    1. or at any level---I personally think it would be proper an fair for U.S. to help with resource funding to keep the asylum seekers in Mexico or CA---but how? the corruption has demonstrated how funds are misappropriated or stolen. It would have to be with rigid oversight by J.S.

    2. Why? The plan is obviously for Mexico to go through exactly what the USA is going through. 100k+ illegal immigrants added to the system monthly costing the US taxpayer billions of dollars. Now Mexico will have to allocate resources for these “refugees” and will come to the conclusion that they cant keep up with the demand therefore making Mexico stop or at least make a real attempt to stop illegal immigration. Since Mexico has been complicit on creating this problem they should be accountable as well.

    3. Why does the American tax payers always have to provide resource funding. It’s Ike it’s the American taxpayers fault they get up every morning an go to work and take care of their responsibilities. It’s not every Americans responsibility to be taxed for these third world countries corruption.

    4. Chivis: I agree 120% with you on the Mexican corruption issue. Because of this I think the USA should NOT help with a single dime!

      My reasoning: (1) the Mexican illicit "sub-economy" (mostly narcotics, and human smuggling, stolen vehicles, etc.) takes in and has cost the USA many $billions over the years. Thus,
      To give Mexico US money and other resources for protecting its own sovereignty is actually insulting to Mexico. "If" Mexico wants to portray itself as a modern nation and not a "failed State" it will shoulder its own responsibilities and stand in righteous dignity for itself.

      (2) American aid (of any kind) to Mexico for doing what it is obligated to do anyway is a drain on American taxpayers' pocket books. (Tax monies I'd rather see spent on our homeless problem, infrastructure, education, health, military systems).

      (3) Bad psychology- Resentment. "Biting the hand that feeds you". As many of us raised in poverty know it is sometimes humiliating, undignified, and even insulting to accept "free help".... especially from people who act superior to us. I have childhood memories of such "gifts." These kinds of helpful deed often create anger and resentments... like at the "pinche gringos... se crien muy chingones."

      (4) Creative - Self Reliance: By NOT "giving" US aid to Mexico, Mexico will have to invent new resources and methods to comply with its own obligations as legitimate sovereign State. It will have to break dependence on the USA ... to do otherwise will make Mexico look like the proverbial "peon" beneath the Mayordomo's superior glare. Can you imagine what creative means Mexico might come up with "if" it solved problems without the "gringos'" help and intervention?

      And, (5) Healthand welfare Costs: The "refugees" from CA, SA, Africa, Cuba, Haiti, and Islamic ME are a costly drain on the USA's welfare, health, education, criminal justice systems. Many of these "refugees" have existing health, mental health, and socio/cultural problems which American taxpayers will have to pay for directly and indirectly. Many of the "refugees" are kids, young men, and women detached from their roots. Abundant scientific literature shows that rootless young people with little prospects tend to form "tribal" entities such as gangs. So, IMO, guess what? Existing urban gangs (maras) will grow with new blood, and new gangs will form as well. And, sadly, many refugee women will end up doing menial work including prostitution in America la nacion de leche y miel.

      I close by saying, Mexico,for its own good, dignity and to prevent resentments against the USA, "Not one American taxpayer's dime for Mexico."

      P.S. please excuse my keyboarding typos.

    5. Exactly...the political leaders simply steal the lions share of any support given them. Not that I'm against giving to help the migrants...but NOT through the Mexican government..I have lived in Mexico for years...they are more or less a Narco run state...Sad but very True..

    6. Funding for what apparently a bad indicator of investment for decades and US taxpayers.
      Mexico needs to address their border security alone. Like that of the US.
      The burden of financial aid by US tax dollars hasn't changed upwards for most American wages.
      Each country should take care of their own with the necessary resources to asylum seekers.

    7. Rigid oversight by your worst enemy could work on each country.
      There have been too many US organizers of "activities" in Mexico that have left the country always worse than before. And their associated Mexican counterparts have proven to be not better.
      Honduras, guatemala, El Salvador, craddle of the Schools of the Americas that has been graduating thousands of military trained Criminals and Assassins at the service of the gorilla regimes the US imposes on its Banana Republics are there never to go, and they are the ones forcing people to migrate. So much for turning the Alliance for Progress into a tool of repression and oppression at the service of the extreme right rich favorite sons.
      Now Mexico, one of the victims of this interventionism has to fix their crap for others while it has not been able to fix its own problems because those same "others' hundreds of years of friendship"

    8. Mijo it's about imagration, not curruption.

    9. Not one penny of our taxes should go to these people.

    10. @ 2:34
      Interesting points made by your comment.
      As a nation that cares; I do believe we have come to a wall of concern. Rather, to what extent we as US citizens can expect (Obligatory that is).

      However, many conflicting opinions as to the extent of US policies worldwide have resulted in more harm than good (Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria ect). Thus reassessing our involvement & political stance globally.

      We as a nation must confront the immigration issue with dignity and without the burdensome to taxpayers.

      Interesting comment.

  2. In the last 20 years how many millions if not billions has Americans given to Mexico, Central America an South America. An what in return , more more more. My neighbor isn’t responsible with his money does that mean come bill time I should have to cover his expenses. I think not.

    1. Irresponsible financial decisions here in the US are visible everywhere too.
      A waste of taxpayer money for these programs which are in jeopardy.

  3. Mexico will be one of the strongest and powerful economic country in a few years

    1. That’d be great, but how

    2. Wouldn't put all my apples in that theory. U will end up broke.

    3. @12:58
      IMO, Mexico certainly does have the potential to be a great nation as you suggest. However, there are too many reasons why this will NOT happen for many generations. I leave it to you to think about my pessimistic outlook for Mexico's future.
      Now, could you please list a few reasons for your optimistic views? Seriously, I'd like to know. I think others would too, amigo.

    4. 5:06 one very important reason Mexico will see better times is that Mexico does not owe anybody anything like the $250 trillion dollars the US owes around the world, much of it to its own "American Citizens" that saw it fit to get their own country in debted to themselves by trick or by threat.
      Mexico one third the population of the US and maybe one third its territory, should owe somebody around 80 trillion dollars, at least by living an inflated overblown luxurious life. But no...

  4. I would hate to see CA used as a holding arena. If Mexico allows these migrants into their country they own them.

    1. 4:13 in Mexico, Mexico does not even "own" the Mexicans,
      we are free to go wherever we want to go,
      just like other LatinAmericans.
      Things may change, the Russians erected their Berlin Wall, and some Americans LOOVE THEIR walls in Israel, even in Palestinian owned territories, after complaining for dozens of years about them, the US extreme right wants to prepare for a blood bath in Mexico by erecting walls all over the borders because the only thing stopping them right now is they know it will be hordes of Mexican refugees on the US that will never go home.


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