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Monday, June 10, 2019

A Mother’s Worst Nightmare: Hitmen Kidnap and Burn her Family

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Debate
                                           Sicarios kidnap and burn a family in Guerrero
One of the victims was only 14 years old; his mother was the one who had to identify her children, who were kidnapped by alleged hitmen in Guerrero.

Three members of a family that had been missing since April after being kidnapped by alleged assassins, was found, however, not as desired, only their remains were found. They had been burned along with the vehicle with which they got on board at the time of their abduction.

Noel, 40 years of age; Faviel, 38 and José, just 14 years old, who were picked up by armed men on April 16. They were originally from the community of Tepantitlán, located in the municipality of Marquelia, in the state of Guerrero.

The mother of the victims identified her children because of a ring that one of them had, who was his son José, the youngest of 14 years old.

WARNING: Extremely Graphic Photo next page:

The bodies, together with the unit in which they were deprived of their freedom, were found a few meters from the area where the kidnapping was recorded. The authorities arrived at the site and found the bodies burned, as well as the unit.

Staff of the Attorney General's Office was in charge of the proceedings and, at the insistence of the relatives, delivered what was left of the remains of Noel, Faviel and José.

The possible motive for the crime was not disclosed, but in Guerrero there is a strong fight for control of trafficking and drug planting.

Norberto is Missing:
In another case that has dismayed all of Mexico, is a recent kidnapping that was registered in Mexico City. This is a young student who was about to graduate from Universidad del Pedregal with a degree in  Marketing for his future career.

He was last seen on June 4 at his university, where he came from and then nothing was heard of him. Norberto Ronquillo should have celebrated his graduation on Thursday night, however until now his where abouts are unknown , despite the fact that his ransom was paid and his family is desperate and begs his captors to return him safely to them.
The university issued a statement mentioning:
Two days after such a terrible event and we have no news of Norberto
Faced with this situation, their colleagues decided to suspend the graduation celebration they had planned and instead, will offer a press conference to report on what happened and demand that the authorities clarify the facts.

According to the Anti-kidnapping Prosecutor's Office of the Attorney General's office, an investigation folder was opened for these events and the search for Norberto was begun.

For their part, family members, friends and colleagues left from the university to the streets to march with banners with the slogan "#NosFaltaNorberto".


  1. Norberto was just confirmed killed earlier today. His body was found this morning.
    - Sol Prendido

    1. Hey Sol......oh crap. Thanks
      I don't know why Debate tacked that on to the first story but I figured it would end up this way, SAD.

  2. I would not be surprised if, if it was the anti-kidnapping unit, kidnapped him.

    1. 9:18 congratulations, your fangs are getting sharper.
      There is always the girlfriend's other love interest or some sore ass suitor.
      If the ransom was Paid, the Anti-kidnapping units with trainings in France and Spain and on the USc ould have caught the pervs, except not if they did it, and then, why have telephones that nobody can track the owners? They #hkuld at least have digital identifiers and record in secret voice and image, just in case.
      Ther e are so many crimes in Mexico because it is designed to be so, in spite af all the private security corporations because their main money maker is crime. Starting with Carlos Slim Helu and his beloved partner genarco garcia Luna the new Florida state millionaire resident.

  3. No limit to the animals in Mexico. Real cowards.Anyone caught with an AK and is a cartel punk should be eliminated on the spot. No trial. No rights, like their victims

    1. I agree with you 100 percent. A special vigilante group with weapons, should be out there finishing off cartel criminals. Should be a watertight group, that does not tip off, the criminals. The arrest system is a joke, hard core criminals are let out easily.

    2. Those vigilantes are usually flipped by cartels with money. A sad situation for Mexico's future.
      Where the so called war on drugs was never appropriately administered due to government corrupt officials from both sides of the border.
      Money and greed is the culprit for all those killings.

    3. 12:40 there are hundreds of Special Vigilante Groups in Mexico, who the hell you think commits most of the crimes there?
      The evil dead Mexicans are so evil that in too many instances they get their weapon after they got murdered by special government forces. Presented carefully by their side after they got killed.

  4. Mexico. The soul is injured. Loser cartel operatives vs the good people. The losers cartel kids are shepherding the narrative.
    This is where a strong leader with testosterone is required.
    The current leader is not qualified.

  5. I will say that’s everyone’s nightmare!

    1. Unfortunately, not the first of this to happen. Mothers in mass numbers have undergone this atrocity with no justice system to assist.
      A continuous practice until order is restored.
      How many killings?
      How many dissapeared or unaccounted?
      No true number can be given to this day.

  6. Guerrero is full of small broke cartel groups that probrably kill for 300 pesos. The sandal wearing sicarios from Guerrero are a joke they’re only tough against innocents

  7. I think that the one difference that ever separated the Colombian cartels back in the day ( Medellin cartel, etc ) and has made the Mexicans look like they are in a whole new level. Has been the advancement in phone and computer technology overall. The ability to connect and recruit by videos and the abilities received from the world wide web. Has made it possible for the Mexican cartels to truly become a problem. I bet if they would have been around the same time as Escobar and other Colombian cartels. And they would have had the public fighting the same way as they did in Colombia. The state itself wouldn't be in such a shitty place. Mexico would be in the same place as Colombia is now. Not on the crazy level that they are in at the moment. I am Hispanic. Dominican. And not to say that my country doesn't deal drugs. But man. Mexico seems really out of control. This is just my opinion. And I welcome any possible rebuttal from anyone. After all. This is why we write on here. To give and establish different perspectives. And points of view.

    RUBIO ( Dominican$ )

    1. 8:04 The Colombian Charade is not over, Alvaro Uribe Velez, former employee of Pablo Escobar and former presidente de Combia, he is the one that persecuted Pablo and organized the PEPES, the AUC, the paracos, the milicos, the PN de C, the guerrillas, exploited all of them and terminated their contracts as he saw fit, he is still desperately trying to stay alive and free until he dies, but he will keep on being free and a billionaire as long as he can.

  8. It needs it, but they don't want it. The marinas are told, to not capture criminals, to set them free.

  9. Slightly familiar with that part of the world. So far back in the hills that it is very difficult to remain neutral. Shifting fortunes of the plaza control lead to need to flee for some. A few years ago that was 'La Familia Michoacana' control, who knows now. If there were somehow 'safe zones' they would be filled with cartel refugees pronto.

  10. 4:09 Mexico has the Death Penalty, the government's military, sicarios narcos and polesias armed with their weapons and official impunity, have been applying it liberally and extrajudiciarily to innocent Mexicans without powers or weapons to defend themselves.


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