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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

4 Narco Laboratories Uncovered in Culiacán, Sinaloa

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Debate
                       Four crystal meth narco - laboratories are secured near Culiacán, Sinaloa

The Ministry of Public Security announced the finding and dismantling  of 4 crystal meth narco- laboratories in the Eldorado area of, Culiacán, Sinaloa, without obtaining arrests.

This originated after terrestrial tours by elements of the State Preventive Police (PEP) where said improvised buildings were detected.

Three of them were one after another in basically one location; while the fourth was a little removed.

In order to reach these places, they traveled several kilometers of narrow dirt roads where they had to cross by the edge of fields of crops until finally reach an area surrounded by vegetation and surrounded by palm trees where those who were dedicated to manufacture "crystal"  maintained their camps.

In them, chemical substances such as toluene were found in drums of different sizes. In addition to that the 'narco-laboratories' went unnoticed from an aerial view because the giant palms leaves covered said points of storage and manufacture of the synthetic drug.

Those who worked there took the opportunity to escape in time before the arrival of the police forces.

Everything secured was made available to the Attorney General of the Republic to take charge of dismantling the clandestine laboratories.


  1. I have the feeling that the goodies recovered including the precursors warehoused there, did not even account for the gasoline spent getting there.. Much less the salaries of the melitary and poolice involved in the PEPOS smarty panties show of force. Puro Pinche tiatro.

  2. Do they use forensic investigations in Mexico? Couldn’t they pick up fingerprints or DNA from the equipment they found and put them into a database to see if they could identify those who were working there and apprehend them? It seems like they could use simple police investigative techniques to clamp down on and apprehend many of the criminals across the country and actually bring an end to many of the cartels operating there. I guess there’s just too much corruption. The US gov plays a big part in the problem as well. US war on drugs is a joke, and I’m sure the US gov actually makes a lot of money from getting drugs into the US. It’s sad that the American gov is willing to allow all of this slaughter and mayhem to occur right next door and then they cry about immigrants wanting to move in to escape the violence that the US is partially responsible for in Mexico.

    1. C'mon now its mexico not law and order

    2. in Mexico there is a certain amount of job positions the government gives out let's say there's 20 spots in culiacan for forensics because that's all they could afford to pay for those same 20 jobs are controlled by the person who pays off their boss whoever gets hired already knows that they have to play along there is rarely ever a case that gets solved over forensics mostly it's the bad guys ratting each other out!!!!

    3. All of it every single part is intentional

    4. @11:20, i belive they do forensics and results were stored in some kind of database but they dont use this for narcos!!!
      They might use it to fight the police or if el narco fails to pay his piso they use this to get him into jail for some days until he paid.

      In almost every country in the world drugs are easy available and used by many people but you dont see that level of violence you see in MX.
      The difference is the corruption and corruption creates impunity and this leads to violence.

      Get some tough judges, send the narcos to el norte and the politicians to The Hague. Go after the money and the banksters. Stalin was right when he said, "judge a few and scare thousends."
      Its not so difficult but you must want it.

      el rana

    5. The polesias will steal the Palapas, they like to live it up.

    6. Not all forensics are about murders, there are digital prints to lift, cell phones to track, dna, labels on the precursors, bills of shipping, etc and etc and etc, too much for a pinche drug lab.

  3. “In Sinaloa we don’t touch tweek, that’s the michoacanos” pinches pendejos, Sinaloa a bunch of show off, rat, tweekers. Hahahah

  4. Cds labs keep getting busted

  5. @1:15 There is something to what you say.


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