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Friday, May 10, 2019

Veracruz: Police Director Kidnapped And Killed

Armadillo Borderland Beat From NoventaGrados 
Tezonapa, Veracruz - After being kidnapped on Wednesday night, a body was found shot and tortured belonging to José Aurelio Ríos Avendaño, commander of the Municipal Police.The discovery occurred on the side of the state highway Omealca - Tezonapa, at the height of kilometer 29, where the body was located with signs of violence.

Through social networks, messages were circulated indicating that he had links with crime groups and was using his position to commit criminal activities.


  1. Wouldn't be surprising if accusations of criminal activities were to be true. Most of all state officials are in cahoots with organized crime. Its been proven time and time again of their involvement with such.
    Veracruz like many lucrative plazas in Mexico are prime examples of how important it is for criminal organizations.
    Can't say I condone this action against anyone. However, I am not opposed if such accusations are true.
    Another will be replaced for whom they will continue their supportive roles in the cartel operations.

    1. Think, If he had cozy relations with criminals,
      then who killed his ass?
      The Guarida Nazional, they are looking forward to the day when they are the sole owners of law enforcement, even when EPN was there they was trying to implement Mando Unico, paid like royal crooks by the cities they were deployed to, which is what the bitching is all about. AMLO SAID NO, the federal government will pay their crooked police and military and Nazional Guaridas and they must enforce the law and respect the citizens, problem is that they do it.

  2. Great it's about time vigilantes act against, the curuption that infiltrates police.

  3. See what happens to a dirty director, surprised they did not dismembering him.

    1. I told you many times, the crooks should stop paying protection or complicity to the cops that still arrest, anybody anytime and deny any knowledge of them or they operations, and start killing instead of cooperating with crooked cops, looks like they are learning.

  4. Who knows the real truth of it? His killers could have put false statements on social media. He may have been forced to comply with cartel demands under threat of harm to himself or his family. Not saying he wasn’t intentionally corrupt, but it’s really hard to say what the truth is here.

    1. U make a point. But the odds of him being corrupt are probably staggering.


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