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Monday, May 20, 2019

Veracruz: 15 Murders in 24 hrs, a human head went unnoticed in front of town hall

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  from Veracruz La Silla Rota

A human head went unnoticed for 5 hours in a cooler in front of a town hall

The decapitated head could belong to the decapitated body found in the morning of the same Sunday wrapped in carpet in Colonia Linda Vista.

After the murder of three people in the city of Fortín and the discovery of human remains,  the finding of a human head was reported, abandoned inside a cooler in a park in front of the Municipal Palace. Although the cooler containing the head was in plain sight amid busy pedestrian traffic, it went unnoticed for 5 hours.

According to information from ministerial authorities, the head could belong to the decapitated body found in the morning of the same Sunday wrapped in a carpet in Colonia Linda Vista of that municipality; now it must be corroborated.
15 killings in less than 24 hours, Saturday - Sunday mainly in Cordoba and Orizaba, 3 in 40 minutes

The wave of homicides caused that neighbors of the locality of Tecamalucan , of the municipality of Acultzingo , burned buses, tires and blocked the highway to Tehuacán, Puebla, to protest and to defend itself of the organized delinquency.

The residents, with cardboard, requested the intervention of the governor, Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, who was in Boca del Río with all his security cabinet, reviewing the last details for the Salsa Festival 2019, which starts next week.

The day began on Saturday morning, when law enforcement officers found four bodies in the city of Minatitlan, south of the Veracruz entity.

The victims were tied hand and foot; no one located those responsible, despite the National Guard operations imposed since the massacre in which killed 13 citizens, including a child of one year.

At dawn that same day, in Huiloapan, near Orizaba, an armed commando shot at a house killing a 27-year-old woman, a gas station attendant, who was sleeping when she was killed..

In Vega de Alatorre, the authorities found three young people killed, all had the coup de grace and traces of torture. The rigorous survey was done by expert services.

On the boulevard Córdoba-Fortín de las Flores, two boys were shot in the atrium of a church, when a mass was being held inside to celebrate a young girl's fifteenth birthday.

The victims, aged 24 and 17, brothers, were guests of the celebration. Their executioners intercepted them at the doors of the "Espirito Santo" temple, in the National Cruise congregation.

The attack caused the Archdiocese of the Catholic Church , in Xalapa, and the Bishopric of Córdoba, to condemn the violence that prevails throughout the state of Veracruz.

Minutes later, a man was also shot to death inside his vehicle.

In Tecamalucan , in the municipality of Acultzingo , in the Orizaba area, an armed group fired six men, between 19 and 24 years old, who were talking outside the town's hardware store.

The balance of that new massacre was two deaths. In addition, to the two fatalities, the other four injured remain in serious condition in a hospital in Ciudad Mendoza.

At dawn on Sunday, one person was killed in the colony El Paraíso, in Córdoba, which mobilized the emergency corps.

Later, in the north of the state, a man was shot dead inside a bar in the municipality of Pueblo Viejo, one more was injured.


  1. Looks like zetas pushing hard in Veracruz after government backing over the massacre they know the times right to strike

  2. Thanks Chivis. Dam! Never look inside a cooler(esky) in Mexico.

  3. What happens when your State's Attorney is working for himself and for past governors with a PRIISTA BLUE BLOOD, nothing gets done unless it is shifty ground to Topple the government, jorge winckler
    Having armed commands everywhere unchecked is not like "smart", and having Arturo Bermudez Zurita "el Jaguar" free to pursue his impunity with his cupola of murdering and kidnapping cops and Assassins is not going to do the job, also they don't want the Guarida Nacional capturing their main boys like "El Lagarto" and his brother, which was a terrible show of disrespect.
    --The dogs want a blood bath and they should have it. But bermudez and winckler have to be dealt with first, off with their necks at least to Almoloya, and then their dogs in charge should follow, it is not like they were not in the paylists, they were all cops, including the police academy cadets. All of them are free or still at work.


  4. If it's one thing we all know; Mexican people take their religion seriously. Unfortunately, it's FAITH that usually motivates officials to do something about it. Sad to say.


  5. Feds are recommending 17 years for Vincentillo (Mayito). Added with federal witness protection.
    Gotta love the irony of the American justice system.
    A slap on the wrist, witness protection (bodyguards) paid by US taxpayers and his illegal assets I'm sure.
    While another high profile figure is cooperating with federal law enforcement "Juan Manuel "Mono" Munoz Luevano". Implicating 80 high Mexican government officials of corruption and drug trafficking / Laundering participants.
    These accusations being denied by Mexico's government of course.


    1. There is no irony at all. You cooperate and you get deal. I dont think you know the definition of irony.

    2. --Richard Rosario, Bronx man jailed for 18 years despite 13 alibi witnesses, among them cops nobody even try to interview...
      nbcnewyork. com
      --NOT GUILTY: 2 Jacksonville men wrongfully convicted of 1976 murder, freed after 42 years/
      There were worse news for some people, 42 years ago...
      I mean, where there is time and life, there is hope.

    3. The irony of Americas stance on the war on drugs when it suits them (government).

  6. The dogs noticed the cooler !

    1. Actually not, they just walked by it. Usually they would sniff closer, but since there are smells of killings everyday, dogs have gotten used to the smell.

  7. The man walking those premium looking dogs. Lol. Just another day.


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