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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Tip Leads to $1.3 Million US Dollars and Arms in an OXXO

Yaqui fro Borderland Beat from: GrupoFormula
After anonymous complaint, Authorities find $1.3 million dollars and weapons hidden in an Oxxo.

Elements of the Sedena and the Federal Police carried out the assurance of $1, 373, 235 US dollars plus long and short arms in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora.

The Fourth Military Zone of the northern state reported that the search was made in response to an anonymous report.

According to the reports, the cash was hidden along with two long guns and a short one among drinks of tomato juice. In addition, ammunition of different calibers was also found.

The organization did not give details about the type of warehouse in which the money was found, but it is speculated that the property belongs to an OXXO convenience store .

Money and firearms were made available to the corresponding authorities.


  1. A lot of blood will be spilled over that anonymous tip

  2. I knew them koolers had something fishy cuh

  3. Heads are gonna role over this!

  4. Just like the owner of Nuevo Leon restaurant. He was caught smuggling 1 million dollars hidden in his vehicle crossing the border. Only to release his money later.

  5. Surprised he wasn't kidnapped by officials with the assistance of a criminal organization.
    A close colleague of mine uncle was kidnapped from his ranch in Mexico by such.
    An owner of a few gas stations in Mexico where he had to release 2 million dollars for his safe return.
    Now residing in the US and sold his family's properties.

  6. The dineros were left there for the army as a bribe, can't pay in person because the Army, polesias, GUARIDA NACIONAL can't be trusted at all, even the Marinas are some famous bola de ratas asesinas that have been kicked out a pedradas from towns for murdering innocent people "by mistake", Ciro Gomez Leyva asks who treats their armed forces like this?
    Where? Pobre cabron ora ya no hay chayote for Fifi...

  7. Excellent take that blood money! From the low life originations! Drug money = Blood money! Because of what the cartels do.


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