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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

They sold us a security shield, but the narco has already infiltrated the municipal police, MORENA

Chihuahua - The actions of the municipal police of Chihuahua have raised strong suspicions of a probable infiltration of criminal groups within the corporation.

Legislators and leaders of political parties have indicated that drug trafficking groups have managed to infiltrate local police forces, especially the Municipal Public Security Directorate (DSPM), whose chief Gilberto Loya Chávez, has remained at the insistence of the municipal president of Chihuahua María Eugenia Campos Galván.

The mayor, and the commissioner Gilberto Loya Chávez

The same governor of the State, Javier Corral, and his attorney general, César Augusto Peniche, have declared that they seek to recover the Municipal Police since it has a greater infiltration of criminals who work within the corporations, however the mayor María Eugenia Campos has refused to publicly acknowledge the matter, requesting "clarity” from the media that question it.
Before this, the state leader of Morena, Martín Chaparro, criticized Maru Campos for "refusing to testify" to this serious problem within his police corporation.

"They are focused on looking at the straw in someone else's eye instead of the beam in their own, City Hall even evades statements about the recent declarations of prosecutor César Augusto Peniche himself, where he admitted that both in the Municipal Public Security Directorate and in other Corporations of the same kind exist to a certain extent a degree of infiltration by drug trafficking, "said Chaparro.

He also spoke about the statements made by Senator Cruz Morena, Cruz Pérez Cuellar, which only show a reality that has been denied by the mayor "who intended to sell to the Chihuahuans a supposed security shield, but that mediocrity is now exposed in security issues now that the Municipal Police of Chihuahua is infiltrated by organized crime, "said the leader of Morena.

He concluded: "The Chihuahuans deserve not only a clarification on these facts, but concrete actions to combat the violence that impoverishes them in the capital and in the state. Our party is in the best position to cooperate to solve this serious problem, because this should not be a partisan issue, it is a social security problem that concerns all citizens, for this reason, we demand a security strategy approach both by the state and by the Municipal Administration. "

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  1. And those concrete clarifications are probably being executed. Nothing to tell. Only the continuous deniability which revolves around Mexico's political system.


  2. When in a corner and in doubt make a reference to the Bible to give the appearance of moral integrity. Bunch-o-crap.

  3. Mexico es un desmadre que calderon causo para que siga el pueblo de rodillas. Esto no va parar. El narco y esta muy infiltrado en todo de vendedor de chicles a los de arriba.

  4. Concerning all Mexican public servants and politicians, the "plata o plomo" patterns of corruption are firmly set in all of Mexico.
    Back in 1980, I met a Mexican immigrant who told me stories of how cops traditionally behaved unprofessionally towards the weak and vulnerable... and how the rich and powerful can, literally, get away with murder. He told of a drug addict friend who was taken down by the river and tortured for information with electrical shocks to his genitals. He said , his friend did not talk and endured the torture because if he had, he would have "disappeared" as a snitch. I know this is not news to many of us who watch Mexico.... just saying.
    Given the above, I suspect that the mayor has been compromised by unseen nefarious others? Tell me where I am wrong....anyone?

    1. Torturing people with electric shocks is easier by the river, with all that water, but where do you plug the ectric chicharras or the cattle prods, up your ass?

  5. Lol at the first sentence. It's not probable. It's a definite. There is not one municipal police department in Mexico that is not infiltrated and run by the drug cartels.

  6. A recent report indicates that AMLO has frozen the bank account of a high profile PEMEX official. Along with an arrest warrant.
    One thing I applaud; his efforts of reforms and prosecuting those who have plundered its country for financial purposes.
    Let's just hope charges stick and not override.

  7. They probably been infiltrated the police, smh

  8. "Well you take more money than I do"

    "Do not"

    "Well you have more houses and cars than I do"

    "I have one more house. You have four more cars and a motorcycle"

  9. In other words if you call the police on tips of the local cartel, the police will make, that person disappear.

  10. Director de Seguridad Publica Municipal Gilberto Loya Chavez has been fending off Mando Unico cince he was designated DSPM Chihuahua city.
    The stateof Chihuahua and governor Javier Corral is Bent on imposing Guardia Nazional to more closely. Control And Extort Chihuahua City, but city narcs do not agree.
    --El Diario de Chihuahua/ Entre 5 Policias Municipales Estrangularon a un Ministerial...(retirado)
    --Is Gilberto Loya family with El Quique Loya Plancarte of Caballeros Templarios?
    --Miguel Loya Gallegos former commander of the state police involved in the Cd Juarez Casas de la muerte, family? He is wanted for his part in the murdering in the Casas de la Muerte. Case.
    --Miguel Angel Gallegos Godoy "El Migueladas" of Michoacan, family? El Americano arrived in michoacan from Chihuahua and was a used car dealer. Like Cesar Duarte "el Capulina" former Governor of the state.
    Just wondering...

  11. I am 80 years old, nothing has changed just paid city police $200 peso. No change in Matamoros. We have Morina Mayor.

    1. They can't live without Mordidas. Everyone and everything depends on them. A lifeline which for many have become an absolute abuse of authority.


    2. 11:02 Morena Mayor is not out there giving tickets or taking mordidas, you are supposed to take name and number of the officer or take your ticket and fight it in court, like a man.
      --Enjoy the beaches of the Gulf of Mexicans and be happy you are not living by the Specific Oushean.


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