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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua: 'They Are Disposed Of Wherever’

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Best

Video translation is as follows:

Good afternoon. We are in the south eastern part of Juarez. In a breach that crosses an inclined field just behind the Electrolux plant. Where the location of human bones was reported. Among them is a skull and body parts. 

Experts are here in the central part, there is a person's skull. There are also clothes, there is a pair of pants, there is a sweatshirt, that apparently belong to a man. Sex is not yet confirmed, but apparently the clothes that are found are of a man's. There’s a pair of pants, and we see the skull in the center of the shot. And experts from the state attorney general's office are already working in the recovery of evidence and also in the processing of the remains located here. 

We repeat this is a parcel of land behind Electrolux in a crevasse of land that runs across. It is not a street. The inhabitants of the subdivisions here use it to cross Avenida Miguel de La Madrid towards the subdivisions that are behind Electrolux on Mar de Plata street. There is an entrance through Villa del Cala, there are also entrances for some subdivisions. However, this is a terrain, so let's take a quick look of the deserted area. Totally uninhabited, until now in the background Electrolux can be seen. And then there’s not, there is nothing here.


  1. Dumping grounds in general is Mexico entirely. Has been for centuries now.
    What are the total estimates of those missing people sinc4 the war began? Added with those that were not put into graves?

    I'm sure its pretty scary to know the actual numbers. Something that many people of political powers will not be willing to divulge.

    Packs of dog cadavers will be in shortage in Mexico. Poor citizens.

    1. 1:53 there had been no wholesale murdering in Mexico since the Cristeros General Goroztieta surrendered to peace offerings from a Mexican military that could not beat them of the field... Like Sandino and Zapata, from then to MEXICO 68 Massacre ordered by a government of Litempos Diaz ordaz and Echeverria in cahoots with the US and Mexican generals graduated from School of the Assassins better known as SOA until the war ON drugs of the borrachin presidente FECAL and his henchman Genarco Garcia Luna, 12 years ago... Before that it means about 28 of the last 40 years were peace and tranquility with some heating up.

  2. Hopefully it was a cjng rat.

    1. Haven't heard cjng being here in jtown. Maybe a NLDJ, AZTECA,DOBLADO,MEJICLE OR GN


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