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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Tabasco: Killed with narco cartulina left on his chest

Villahermosa, Tabasco - A man was executed last night in the Gaviotas Sur neighborhood; his attackers left him with a narco message nailed to his body.

The facts were recorded on Las Torres Avenue in the Explanada sector, according to official reports, the victim of approximately 30 years, had several bullet wounds.

In the message a warning could be read for all those who commit crimes in the neighborhood 

The police cordoned off the area while the State Attorney General's Office conducted the criminal tracking and moved the body to the Forensic Medical Service.

So far, the individual is listed as a John Doe.

Manta reads as follows:
This happened to me because I was an extortionist, thief and a turncoat with Chomby. Greetings to Chelechele and Piolo
Sol Prendido Borderfland Beat from VXT 


  1. Another scapegoat killed on the street to put a manta.

  2. Tabasco reminds me of a sick bastard with a coconut in his hand

  3. Anyone is a target, boss tells them go put up a Manta tonight, but boss we have no body to go with it, boss says grab anyone walking on street, shoot them on the head. They are easy to get, since most, have no weapons.

    1. Yeah but the opposing gang, if they do not recognize this guy, or did not see that he is missing. Then they know it is just a random person that they killed

  4. Once in a while they could execute some well fed big fat ass.
    The terrorism could produce more.


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