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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Today in Juarez: Sicario "mishaps"

Five crystal meth addicts were saved from being executed at a drug den in the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood.

According to what was narrated by the victims to municipal agents, they were suddenly attacked by gunfire.

They were fired upon from a cherry-colored vehicle, but the hitman’s pistol jammed on him. 

When the municipal agents arrived they were searched. And they found on them crystal meth. So, they were detained and taken to the Universidad police station.

Juarez, Chihuahua - Another unsuccessful execution attempt was recorded this afternoon, now in the Felipe Ángeles neighborhood.

A woman saved her life and was wounded in an attack that occurred at the intersection of Estrella and Michoacán streets.

Sicarios fired at the woman who managed to protect herself at home.

She only suffered a scratch on the back and paramedics attended her in the courtyard of the house.

Municipal agents guarded the scene. And ministerial elements began with the investigation.

This is the second failed attempt of an execution that’s been recorded today.

A third execution attempt was registered this afternoon.

Now in the Partido Romero neighbored, a young man was shot at by gunmen at Vicente Guerrero Avenue and Brazil street.

The wounded man ran a couple of blocks to take refuge in the 
Funeraria Luz Divina (Divine Light Funeral) of Venezuela Street.

The wounded hunted man ran into one of the chapels where he hid inside one of the empty coffins.

Municipal agents requested medical assistance; Paramedics took the injured to a hospital.

Ministerial agents began with the investigations of this third execution attempt on Wednesday.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from LaPolaka


  1. Tweekers are funny, “suspect ran into the funeral home where he hid in one of the coffins” total scene out of a movie.

    1. I guarantee you that’s gonna be used in some future movie. Lol. - Sol Prendido

  2. El Piolin CTNG was killed in Guadalajara

  3. Maaan if they don’t see that as a sign from god to quit that Vice then the gun might not jam next time. Stay safe tweekers ✌🏻


  5. Can this be coordinated attacks by rivals? Unsuccessful with dire consequences for those who were assigned the task I'm sure.
    Moreover, with a spiritual revelation for those crack heads to get clean.


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