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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

RIP/ DEP Javier Valdez: 1967- 2017; 2 years of Impunity Since his Assassination

Yaqui for Borderland Beat

Least we not forget the integrity, grit, dedication and commitment to truth against all odds; the path that our mentor, award winning journalist , husband , father, inspiration and co -founder of the  publication Riodoce, who took amazing risks in an already risky time and place to bring us the cutting edge news from ground zero: Culicán, Sinaloa.

I wish to remind you of a letter from his son which came to light after Javier's murder, 2 years ago today, right in front the offices of the publication in which he co-founded. 

It is thought, to this day, that the sons of "El Chapo Guzmán" were the ones who ordered Javier's assassination, with 12 bullets at noon on May 15, 2017. Dámaso Lopéz testified to this during his ex -friend and ex-associates , then to become rivals, "El Chapo" Guzmán's trial in New York. It is thought that the motive behind Javier's murder was an interview which he had published in Riodoce with "El Licenciado", ie Dámaso Lopez.

Javier Valdez: One more amazing person and journalist who stood up to the powers that be in order to bring us the truth. I highly recommend reading all the books Javier authored and continue to support Riodoce.
Javier's Son Wrote:

"Father, where are you? I look for you everywhere, in every space, every object you felt, I look for you in my dreams, but I don't see you. I don't see your face, your big body already worn, already with half a century. Half a century you fought for many, gave what you had, gave the most human of you to us, your children and to my beautiful mother. 

"Now, who will enlighten me, who will give me books in abundance, who will embrace  me like you did, who will applaud me for my achievements, who will give me love so warm ? You have left me without your love, without half of my heart. You stole my heart, you won my love, and I gave you the best of me: my love. I can feel you, with every step, in every verse I read, in every poem you wrote and that I wrote.

"I keep your music, your movies, your books, your glasses, your inkless pens, your hugs, your kisses, your smiles, I know you in the deepest way. Now, I hold you in my arms, and hug and snuggle with you in the same way you did with me when I was a baby. 

"Now its my turn, now I walk with you, we have a beer, we sing together. I'm going to watch the sunrise more often, I'm going to watch the ducks in their season, I will go to the places we frequented, I will embrace every person that reminds me of you, for that will be like embracing your love in others, it will be like embracing and feeling you again. You are the person who motivated me, we may be very different, but you're the best example I have in my life; because you always did what you wanted to, you achieved what many wanted; you unveiled yourself, you cried, sang, danced and smiled in so many murky moments of your life. 

"Now you are at peace and that is what I want for you. And do not doubt that I will talk with my kids about you, tell them how brave and awesome you were, I will emulate all your love as my love in them, and for me, that will be the way to keep you alive, to keep you with me and everyone. Already dead, I said in your ear that we will never forget you and now that I am going to be a dad I will raise your arm every step of the way, I will greet them the way you did me because I am now you. 

"Every time Justice is done it is going to be in your name too.

This is just a little of what I want to tell you, and when you come back, here you will have your house, your chair, your coffee, and all our love from all of us who love you.

"Let's not leave my father alone, the work will need the help of all, that is all I ask for".


  1. Impunity? Did they caught the guy with el mini lics fusca?

  2. Justice will be served, but it's a matter of time.

  3. The apprehension of an individual was acquired by so called testimony of a third party. Hearsay by many legal experts.
    This along with other killings of journalists are often met by falsely apprehending people. Moreover, with the possibility of dismissing the charges if continuous efforts legally are displayed.
    NPR did a report of this awhile back.

    Was this individual ever given a judgment by the court?
    If so? What sentence was he given borderlandbeat?


  4. Godspeed to all those confronting evil in dark places.

  5. What was said in the interview..?..purpose for interview??...makes no sense that interview was to el licenciado but chapitos ordered his murder...

  6. I thought that they arrested the killers...If i can remember correctly, they said that they worked for Damaso, one of them even had a pistol, a gift from Damaso for the murder.

  7. That hit was clearly Damaso. He was totally out of control trying to wrestle the Sinaloa leadership away from Mayo and Chapos families. Damaso was killing many people in Culiacan. The article greatly criticized Damasos group and a few days later Javier wad dead. Damaso can deny it all he wants the facts are there for everyone to see.

    1. Facts! What facts? Testimony from a third party?
      Do you actually believe that Mexican officials have the right offenders? Where it's well known fact that Mexican officials string up innocent individuals for crimes they never committed on a regular basis. Especially when such unwanted attention is made.

      Everyone here states they don't trust their state / municipal officials. Along with their political leaders.

    2. 1:25 The facts are there, Valdez is dead, his family misses him, and the chapitos who needed no scandals in their turf are being accused, by someone that wanted their turf, that the ingredients,
      The cake making is up to you.

  8. He was assasinated by El Lic Damaso to blame it on Chapitos.

  9. I wish I felt that level of love for my father, that prick.

    1. Not all know how to be father. A problem we have today where mothers play both roles.

      Thumbs up to those moms who sacrifice so much.

    2. I see others even worse

  10. The abdication of paternal responsibility is one of the key elements driving poverty, including lack of positive male role models
    in a child's life , and the feelings of rejection and abandonment a child feels, often for the duration of its life.
    Human rights begin with children's rights.

  11. I saw an interesting photo on Riodoce yesterday. Big Protest on Worker's Day in Culiácan. One person had a banner demanding a Free Press with the names of alot of other news sites with a big X thru them. Riodoce WAS NOT on their banners, meaning the people still think it is one reliable news source. "La Gente Sabe" as an amigo always reminds me..........

  12. People in Sinaloa are silenced and blindfolded and that's the reason so many there are into narco lifestyle..


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