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Friday, May 3, 2019

Nuevo León: 5 are captured with weapons and drugs in Los Ramones

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from VXT

NUEVO LEÓN.- Five people were arrested for carrying firearms and drugs in the municipality of Los Ramones.

When traveling on the Monterrey-Reynosa Highway at the height of Kilometer 91 + 800, in the search and location of vehicles with a report of theft, police officers observed a truck with several people on board at the edge of the road.

When they were inspected, it was found that they were armed, one of them with a AK-47 rifle. They also found drugs so all were arrested.


  1. The government death squads are not getting their money's worth.
    These successes against ant size drug trafficking do not even start paying for gas from huachicoleros.
    Grab Medina's ass, moreiros, Cantu, there are billions and billions of peisos there instead of this circo de carpa shit.

  2. They were released already. Marijuana and an AK-47 are not serious crimes for longterm apprehensions. Much less with what little of and categorization of drug substance. A $2:00 fine if that.
    Weapons charges are often dropped with a fine in Mexico.

    Interesting scoop Sol.

  3. Could they belong to CJNG or the NRA or perhaps the PLO.

    1. They're CDG.

    2. Just another wanna be criminal group.


    Completely unrelated but check this out!

  5. those express polos with the lion on them are gonna be vintage narco fashion one day like the green london polo from ralph lauren

  6. Work 6 months to buy Chinese pirate merchandise, not funny.


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