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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Network of Sicarios Killed Journalist in Playa del Carmen

Yaqui for Borderland beat from: ElSol
            Network of assassins killed journalist Francisco Romero: says Office of the Prosecutor
By:Rafael Martínez
The Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo informed that the accused are at the disposal of the Public Ministry.

One of the three men arrested and held responsible for the armed attack on the Cervecería Chapultepec restaurant confessed to being the material author of the homicide of reporter Francisco Romero Díaz, alias "Ñaca Ñaca", which also happened in this city on Thursday at the Gota a Gota Bar.

Óscar Montes de Oca, Attorney General of the State, said that the detainee said he received instructions to kill the journalist by telephone, so they are investigating a network of hired gunmen, whose boss, whom they only know by nickname and they only deal with him by telephone, he demands that someone be killed and then he sends them payment money.

Although they claim to be from CJNG, the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, they are a local group that might use the acronym to frighten the citizens.

The alleged murderer confessed to having received a call asking him to go to the "Gota a Gota" bar, in the Forjadores neighborhood, where an acquaintance handed him a firearm and a telephone, in which he was told he had to "take out" the reporter.

When a worker from the bar told him that the victim had already arrived,  he left where  he ran into him talking to the first acquaintance and proceeded to kill him.

SIP Condemns the murder:
The Inter-American Press Association (SIP) condemned the murder of journalist Francisco Romero, the sixth in Mexico this year.

The president of the SIP, María Elvira Domínguez, urged the Mexican State to show political will to fulfill its duty to protect journalists, as well as to investigate and punish acts of violence.

"Our organization will also continue to reiterate the urgency of correcting the shortcomings of the protection mechanism, so that it can effectively fulfill the purpose for which it was created," said the director of the Colombian newspaper El País.

Before launching his own news portal with a red note, Ñaca Ñaca had worked for the weekly Playa News, whose main editors, Rubén Pat and José Guadalupe Chan Dizib, were murdered in 2018.
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Ñaca Ñaca was also was the carrier of a security button as part of the Mechanism for the Protection of Journalists that the Federal Government had given him after repeated threats and attacks.

A month before filing the complaint, on March 7, Solidaridad municipal police detained him for telling them :"do not be corrupt", attesting to the moment when a police agent demanded 500 pesos from a person so as not to be detained for an administrative ticket. 

The municipal police arrested him, handcuffing him with violence, as can be seen in several videotaped testimonies.

On April 11, he denounced on social networks having been a victim of a "lift" by heavily armed individuals, after carrying out a live transmission through Facebook, where he publicly denounced the threats he was constantly receiving when he aired police corruption issues.

The communicator reported that when he went to make a report walked on 100 Avenue and 34th Street, he was intercepted by three subjects who threatened him with a revolver to force him into a White Van Van of an old model.

After that warning, that which was "for another he would  not tell", on April 30 the reporter was the victim of a cyber hack to his webpage, which went missing shortly before he was murdered.

Francisco Romero was never a reporter or worker of any of the media with greater penetration in the entity such as Novedades de Quintana Roo, Por Esto, Radio Turquesa or TVCun.
Meanwhile citizens of Culiácan, Sinaloa march in peaceful protest demanding justice for fallen journalists, these brave and stalwart men and women, such as Javier Valdez, on the second anniversary of his murder; who dedicate themselves to speaking truth to power and so that it can be shared locally and with websites like this one who can bring it to the world. 

With the death of Romero, at least nine reporters have been murdered in the country since last December, when Andrés Manuel López Obrador became president.

During the past six years of Enrique Peña Nieto (2012-2018) there were 47 murders of journalists in Mexico, of which 9 were in 2018, out of a total of 2,347 attacks against contributors to the field of journalism.


  1. Surprised that an apprehension was made this quickly for the killing of
    Naca- Naca.
    Some will speculate a patsy's unfortunate circumstance with unfavorable outcome to quiet those politicos.


    1. E2 speculate for yourself,
      But these sicarios never lifted or threatened naca-naca...
      It is all on the policuicos that did it, you don't mess with their corruption for nothing, they have to pay the attorney General and the boss of the Mando Unico, I mean SSP QR Jesus Alberto Capone,
      i mean Capella Ibarra, whose law nobody breaks for free.
      and don't bother me with these Sicario "tales por cuales" tales.

    2. U make a valid point.


  2. And the chapitos will go unharmed eventhough they killed Javier Valdez.
    On onother note, everyone is running with cjng or claiming cjng do to their ruthlessness. Not a fan but just an observation

    1. Blaming the CJNG is about as deadly as blaming the Chapitos, both can do without the propaganda.

  3. So the cops went to the source of the bribes they receive and said: “if you want be able to continue buying protection from us, u gotta bump this journalist“.

    Organized crime and corrupt government are best friends.

    1. 1:33 Organized Crime is telling the US Congress:
      "No Legislation with Investigation..."
      I think Don King has been training the wrong people in robbing the bank with the wrong hand.

  4. Not to worry about 2 weeks, when this story deminishes, he will be out.


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