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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Narcos Call SEMAR Coast Guard for Rescue: 4 Rescued and Arrested with 460 Kilos of Pot

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior y ReportIndigo
         Semar Authorities apprehended four subjects for the transport of drugs. Photo: Semar

4 subjects approximately 22 miles off the coast of Baja California with large marijuana load called for rescue when they suffered engine failure. They were rescued and subsequently arrested.

The detainees made the distress call after mechanical failure in the boat in which they were traveling; the Marines perform routine search and found drug packages.

The Marina/ Armada Secretariat of Mexico as a National Maritime Authority and acting as the Coast Guard, through the Second Naval Region based in Ensenada, BC; confirms that yesterday they arrested four alleged drug traffickers with 62 packages containing dried grass with characteristics similar to marijuana, weighing approximately 460 kilograms; approximately 37 kilometers west of this city and port of Ensenada, BC.
The action was carried out when the Second Naval Region received a distress alert from the Command and General Control Center of the Secretary of the Navy, where it was indicated that a Cruiser-type vessel with four people on board presented an engine failure while traveling north on the high seas of the Pacific to the west of the Playa Salsipuedes, Municipality of Ensenada, Baja California.

Therefore, the departure of a Defender-type vessel belonging to the Naval Search and  Rescue and Maritime Surveillance Station (ENSAR) of Ensenada was ordered in order to safeguard human life at sea.
When the meeting point was reached with the damaged vessel, naval personnel proceeded to perform a routine inspection as part of the protocol, in order to provide support for the repair of said mechanical failure.

During this review, several black packages with suspected illicit cargo were detected inside, finding in total 62 packages containing dried grass with the characteristics similar to marijuana, giving a total weight of approximately 460 kilograms, which was followed by the arrest of its crew and the confiscation of the alleged illicit cargo.
The detainees to whom the Human Rights Primer was read, and the secured cargo were placed at the disposal of the competent authorities to carry out the corresponding tests, determination of the ministerial weight and integration of the investigation folder. 

These actions were carried out based on the Naval Personnel Performance Protocol acting as Coast Guard, where the participation of the personnel of the Navy-Navy Secretariat of Mexico in the performance of their duties is attributed, in strict respect of Human Rights. and in compliance with the provisions of the Manual of Use of the Force of Application Common to the Three Armed Forces. 


  1. This is hilarity at its karmic finest!

  2. Why not toss the bales? I can’t imagine calling the cops for help AND keeping all of my contraband on the boat.

    1. Rather prefer the arrest than answer to the boss. Plus they are overworked and need a vacation.

    2. 11:52 wet bales are real heavy, then they would not float away, so the perps chose to keep their captors happy.
      and ransom their load later...the Marinas need gas too

  3. Should have tossed them overboard along with their bales for the sharks to get!

  4. They didn't toss the bales,because they need proof that something went wrong while transporting them. Now this news article will be their proof that something actually went wrong, and that they didn't just rip their boss off.

  5. Sounds to me like they were smoking too much of their own product! Got stoned and lost the keys lol

    1. 3:59 gets a PRIZE for the comment of the week.
      Thanks my boy, you reelly know been there eseee.
      Now get your suegra's chones off your head.

  6. No no don't call the Marina's to help, they will let all the suspects go, and take credit for the contraband found.

  7. The poor boat passengers were not expecting the saviors to come and play nosy aunts, what do you want, they probably did not even know the boat was loaded, and in any case I am sure the pirates did not have a search warrant, this is a case for Perry Mason, he knows about this shit.
    Hope it works fine in Mexico. But during their arrest they have to put out with their new jail husbands for a week at least.
    Eso se sacan por andar ahi de calientes

  8. Maybe call another boat to finish taking the load up the coast???
    This story maka no sense...

  9. Why do these articles always describe the dope "dried grass with the characteristics similar to marijuana"? Is that some kind of legal wording so the publication doesn't get sued? Or is it typical Spanish oratory flourish aka bullshit? Why can't they just say x kilos of marijuana?


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