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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Michoacán: They find 5 bodies in Municipality of Erongarícuaro

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY 'Tu Fren' from Reforma

The bodies of five people, with signs of torture and bullet wounds, were found in the Municipality of Erongarícuaro in Michoacán.

Residents of the Patzcuaro Lake found the bodies on the Pátzcuaro - Erongarícuaro highway, close to the community of Opongulo.

The Municipal President of the town, Adrián Melgoza, informed that the people found are not inhabitants of the Municipality and their identity is unknown.

He also assured that the victims were not executed at the site of discovery,  but only were discarded there.

"The investigation will be carried out by the regional Prosecutor's Office, since they are crimes that correspond to the State and the Federation," he wrote in his Facebook account.

He added that he will meet as soon as possible with the state and federal security forces to maintain peace in the municipality.


  1. Guys not 100% true it's just a rumor but supposedly el Gallero and caiman from CTNG have been kidnapped in la perla

  2. Meet state and Federales all you want, but they did it,
    "meeting you" was the goal.

  3. And all for peanuts for those victims.
    When will they learn.

  4. 8:31 No es tan facil pa dejar de andar ahi de calientes.

  5. Michoacanos are ruthless, no wonder cds have a hard time keeping up

  6. Not for nothin but, that’s how you kill people. Cutting heads off and limbs is just too gruesome , I hope they go back to old school killings.


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