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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Mantas and a human head are left for Los Virus of Acapulco

At the Calle 25 on the bridge of the Lopez Portillo and Emiliano Zapata neighborhoods. The scene was cordoned off by the police, while personnel of the State Attorney General's Office carried out the legal proceedings.

The severed head was transferred over to the harbor SEMEFO facilities for the applicable legal procedures. While the taxi was towed away to the motor pool for the integration of the investigative folder.

Mantas read as follows:

My name is Arturo Pedrosa Garcia also known as La Pepa. This happened to me because I was collecting extortion money and kidnapping. This is for the brothers Gustavo and Ulysses Laredo Guerrero also known as Los Virus.
 Sincerely, The Anti Virus Assassins
This will happen to all the scum of the earth who are with Los Virus kidnapping and extorting. Ondeado, Niñote, Jayme, Huisache, Popis, Barón, Moja, Rey David (King David), Dani, Pollo, Vampiro, 40, Chava, Chaparro, and also you Oscar Aguilar. And all the scum who are with you. And just as well the bitches who support you.
Los Mata Virus and R7 For an Acapulco free of Los Virus

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  1. Yayyy keep killing each other scumbags

  2. Looks like Ebola they are trying to eliminate.

  3. Reminds me of the war between general mosquito and general mosquito spray in Africa, and I think there is a strain the virus and the mata virus can't kill, it could be some Legionnaires Disease, nobody ever fights it, or it could be Ricardo Monreal's presidential campaign collaborators, ask him?


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