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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Juarez: 4 murdered women, 2 were incinerated, one was pregnant

Ciudad Juárez - Experts from the Women's Special Prosecutor's Office (FEM) exhumed the corpses of two women, who were buried in the courtyard of a house in Los Insurgentes neighborhood in Ciudad Juárez.

The victims were identified unofficially by their relatives as Saira Alicia Rivera González, 19, and Judith Jazmín Bedolla Haros, 17, who had an missing report since May 10.

It is known that the young Judith Jasmine Bedolla had reported that she was pregnant.
The exhumation was derived from the investigations conducted by the FEM to locate both women, who provided data to review the property of David Molina, 30, alleged boyfriend of Saira Rivera, who was arrested.

The personnel of the Prosecutors Office went to the house that is located between Durazno and Mariano Samaniego streets, and inside they found a pit about a meter deep in the backyard; Subsequently, the excavations began on Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. and culminated at 03:00 p.m. this Thursday.

The staff of the FEM reported that the bodies had an advanced state of decomposition.

They found in 10 hours 4 dead women

Some witnessed Wednesday afternoon at the intersection of Verónicas and Arroyo del Mimbre streets, in Felipe Ángeles neighborhood, when a woman in her 30s parked her truck outside a convenience store, got off and, in seconds, was approached by another vehicle from which they began to shoot at her from centimeters away.

"All  rounds were shot in her face," said one person interviewed. "She was with her 12 old daughter, who was shouting: My mom!" He added.

The victim, identified as Rocío Alcaraz, was the first of four women whose murders were confirmed to the investigating authorities within a period of less than 10 hours in the northwest of this border.

This homicide, reported at 7:44 on Wednesday afternoon, was followed by the discovery, at 9 pm, of two bodies buried clandestinely in the courtyard of a house built on a ravine in the Insurgentes neighborhood.

Unofficial data indicate that the victims were two friends, aged 17 and 19, who had a missing report since May 10 and who had come to that house for a meeting with the inhabitant of the home.

There was music and you could hear them talking, said a neighbor in this sector, on Calle Durazno almost on the corner of Mariano Samaniego.

53 women killed this year

Seven hours later, at 4:11 am on Thursday, the agents of the Attorney General's Office received a report of another female body found by preventive elements in the upper part of Mochis Street and almost on the corner with Bellavista, in the Franja del Río neighborhood.

A few blocks away, between Mochis and Guadalajara, there was also a male victim who, like the woman, had also been strangled to death, investigators of the Prosecutor's Office presume that both crimes could be related.

Saira Alicia and Judith Jasmine

In the street Durazno of the Insurgentes neighborhood the neighbors of the house 561 witnessed, between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning, elements of the Forensic Medical Service leave with two human bodies in plastic bags.

Officers had been on the scene for more than five hours since they had cordoned off the area. Local neighbors were kept awake by the forensic work that recovered the remains of two murdered women.

None said to personally know the owner of the house other than occasionally seeing him. Nobody there knew the victims either.

Unofficial information obtained by El Diario indicated that it is Saira Alicia Rivera González, 19, and Judith Jazmín Bedolla Haros, 17, both with a missing persons report since May 10 at 7:00 p.m.

The information from the investigations added that both were at a celebration on Mother’s Day in the Torreón neighborhood-located also in the northwest sector of this border,  from where they left without saying where they would go.

It is thanks to the diligences of the families that, from 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the house was located on Durazno Street, owned by a man also identified unofficially as David Molina and alleged boyfriend of Rivera.

Around noon yesterday, the Women's Special Prosecutor's Office informed that the victims would have been deceased for no more than four to five days, and that they were waiting for the coroners report to establish the manner in which the murders were committed.

After sending his condolences on social media, local boxer Marcos "Papitas" González confirmed in a brief interview that Rivera González was his relative and that he trained in the municipal gymnasium Josué "Neri" Santos.

Rocío Alcaraz

Outside the Del Rio store located at the corner of Veronicas and Arroyo del Mimbre, the bloodstains and fragments of glass that remained after the murder of a woman unofficially identified as Rocío Alcaraz remained yesterday.

Data from the State Prosecutor General's Office confirmed that 13 shells casings of 5.56 ammunition were collected at the site, and that the victim received most of the impacts on her face.

"There they stopped; They came to inquire something about some money. But I went to the bathroom and just heard the shots, "said one interviewee at the crime scene.

The unofficial information adds that Alcaraz had survived an attack recorded hours earlier Wednesday in her home, located on Michoacán Street, a few blocks from the store where she was finally killed.

In the first attack, however, she suffered only a scratch so she declined medical attention.

“I heard the gun fire and the girls shouting, "said a neighbor on Michoacán street, who added that the victim had three daughters.

None of the four women killed between Wednesday night and the first hours of Thursday has been officially identified by the state attorney's office.

With them, according to the same corporation, the number of female murders for the month of May amounted to nine; 53 so far this year.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from VXT


  1. What are the odds of these killings are in some way associated with drugs?

    1. One of those murdered females was a survivor from the Sicarios Mishap post a few days ago. They finally managed to finish off that hit. - Sol Prendido

  2. Women and children killed looks like cjng to me. Cjng can rot in hell

    1. Buddy all cartels are scum stfu.

  3. 104 yep and police do nothing about it.


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