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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

FBI Investigated 113 Cases of US Citizens Kidnapped and/or Extorted in Mexico in 2018

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio
Worry about violence : The US Department of State warns of "serious risk" for its citizens in Mexico City, where it ensures that the crime rate already exceeds the average of their country. 

The United States government revealed that the FBI investigated 113 kidnappings in Mexico committed against Americans in 2018, and alerted its citizens to be careful when traveling to Mexico City , due to the "serious risk of crime" that prevails. 

According to the Foreign Security Advisory Council (OSAC) of the US Department of State, the overall crime rate in CdMx is above the US national average and has various manifestations. In its report it is mentioned that of the 113 cases of kidnappings investigated in Mexico by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in 64 the victim was a US citizen, in 10 it was legal residents and in 39 cases Extortion or rescue calls were received from a number in the US. 

The US government included Mexico in the list of the 35 countries where Americans are in danger of being kidnapped.   In addition to the high levels of crime in Mexico City,  the council recommended that its citizens not travel to Colima, Guerrero, Michoacán, Sinaloa and Tamaulipas. 


With respect to Tamaulipas, the Advisory Council pointed out that in this entity murders, armed robbery, car theft, kidnapping, extortion and sexual abuse are committed , but there are also drug cartels and road blocks. Often, he added, criminal cells take hostages on buses or cars and demand ransom. 

"The federal and state security forces have a limited capacity to respond to violence in many parts of the state," the OSAC said.

The document mentions that the Mexican government reported 480 cases of kidnapping in 2018 and that the highest number of crimes were committed in the State of Mexico, Veracruz, Guerrero and Tabasco . "The investigations involved police or former officers in many of these incidents," the council said.

Increasing insecurity :
The report emphasizes that "there is a serious risk of crime in Mexico City" and that the overall crime rate in the capital is above the national average of the US. 

"The low rate of criminal convictions contributes to the high crime rate . Although there is no pattern of criminals directed specifically against companies, foreign or US personnel, criminals will attack anyone who is considered lucrative and vulnerable. 

"Offenders select victims based on an appearance of prosperity, vulnerability or lack of awareness.

Armed robbery, kidnapping, car theft, fraud are some of the crimes committed in the capital. He announced that there have been few government employees in the US embassy in CdMx who have been victims of express kidnappings, but many Mexicans who work in the diplomatic headquarters have been victims of this crime or know a victim. 

 The council stressed that Mexico is experiencing a combination of conditions that collectively degrade the security environment in certain areas and that the government has captured some of the most wanted criminals. 

"Consequently, criminal groups are becoming less organized and disciplined. Several groups have been divided into smaller gangs, have branched into different illegal business activities, and the associated violence is spreading throughout Mexico. " 

He stressed that the northern half of Mexico had been an area of ​​greater threat, because of the wars between the cartels . 

However, recent statistics show that violence is increasing in the central and southern states, particularly in Guerrero, Michoacán and the State of Mexico. 

Yesterday, 44 executed:
The violence left 44 dead in 11 states; seven in Mexico City, of which three were women: one was murdered in the Colonia Morelos, another was shot in her home and one  more feminicide was reported. In Acapulco, Guerrero, seven people died in different violent events; in Oaxaca five homicides were reported, one of the victims was decapitated. Three executions were also recorded in Silao, Guanajuato, and a body found in León. In Monterrey, Nuevo León, a taxi driver was found dead, authorities located a body on a plot of land and three young people were killed. In Edomex three people were executed, while in Quintana Roo two people were killed. In addition, in BC there was one homicide; in Chihuahua, seven; in Veracruz, three, and in Puebla, one.


  1. Great Post that applies to all of us.

  2. Everything gotten better with Amlo, best President since L. Cardenas who nationalized all minerals.

    1. 9:28 president Lazaro Cardenas Solorzano nationalized oil, from sose english company, Shell i guess, nelson rockefeller wanted mexican oil and help to the whole arm for himself, but cardenas chose to give him only one finger and some business, corruption gave a lot of more business to a lot more americans.
      president adolfo lopez mateos nationalized mining, that was later stolen by corrupt mexican miners that sold out to foreigners like arcelor-mittal founded by cardenas too as Las Truchas, the greatest siderurgica in the world, and canadians, americans, europeans and other shit.

  3. It sad that people cant even go on vacation or visit family in México and enjoy themselfs like it was befor it just aint the same befor you would mostly worry about paying a crooked cop for something dumb .know a days its so much more crossfire,secuestró express,want to take your truck,mistaken you for some one else,etc not even worth going anymore cant enjoy yourself a💯 .and i know its not as nearly as bad but with all the public shooting and stuff in the united states you have to be on guard here to its just starting to get out of control little by little every were hopefully someday people can be able to fill more safe in any country.

  4. As much as I love Mexico and Mexican culture I will not set foot in the country.
    The country is held hostage by lawlessness individuals that includes many in the law enforcement community.
    It's not going to change any time soon because the national leadership has no investment in confronting corruption in the ranks.
    It really is the wild west where the criminals and cops have guns but no one else is allowed to have one.

  5. Police moonlighting by kidnapping for ransom. Can't trust the police or the government.

    1. A lot US
      Kidnapping is they r involved in the cartel business

  6. - 113 cases of kidnappings investigated in Mexico by the FBI. Why is the FBI involved with 49 non-US citizen cases?-

    - 64 is pretty small number when you look at the number of visitors to Mexico -- in 2016 there were 31 Million US visitors to Mexico according to a 2018 Forbes article.

    Nobody wants to kidnapped or murdered, but other interesting data while we are on the subject of Americans being victims...

    The Forbes article said 75 Americans (out of 31 million visitors to Mexico) were victims of homicide in Mexico in 2016; the article does not say how many of those American homicides were committing criminal activity during their homicide as opposed to them "minding their own (non-criminal) business".

    I'm assuming because they were American, all 75 victims were innocent civilians and not involved in criminal activity.

    In 2016, the city of Houston, Texas with a population 2.3 million had 301 homicides.

    I'm not quite sure where it is safer -- Houston or Mexico. Maybe you all can comment and suggest a safer place to be (but send some data with your comment population size, crime number, and year of your data).

    The USA does not keep records for the specific label "kidnapping". I wonder why?

    1. the FBI has to investigate and get involved, otherwise the competition gets too big for them and their own cartel boys...elementary, dr what's on

    2. Will i travel mexico and houston do feel more secure in Houston. U S does have better Police. But i can pay the Mexican police off. I thought all the bribes stop, but they still take $$!

  7. Yet the president continues to dispute these statistics by insisting that there is a reduction in crimes.
    Tell that to those victims who lost their lives. Added with the families of those victims. Can assure that these numbers are far less than the actual results. Everything tries to be hidden in Mexico.
    Insecurity has transformed Mexico into a scary country to many. People doing their errands and shopping at dawn to minimize all potential problems. Rather, becoming victims of a crime.
    Legalize all drugs in Mexico with taxation to curb the violence maybe the only way.

    1. the president gets less involvement on this shit than el santo nino de antorcha and la santa muerte, but will send someone to get on the case just for you

  8. They do not know the real number. Many people do not report them for fear of returning and killing their family. Many the police are involved or get a cut, and if you report it you are signing your death warrant.

  9. Truly doubt that many still invest in Mexico. Sole proprietorship speaking. Extortion and killings due to insecurity have put a hamper on business investments.
    Let's be real; if big companies are closing due to insecurity of their region with employees being victimized. What makes you think that any prospect for investors would be ideal. Rather, profitable?
    Kiddnapping insurance coverages are probably higher in Mexico than other country with lesser of crime rates.

    Can't even guarantee that your drug lord can provide protection. Many of their underlings are dropping like flies. Never knowing who one would be paying next for protection due to territory claims by many.

    1. We put a hold anymore projects r startups in mexico. To expensive at this time. U invest in a new plant. Than have pay the cartel. I'll wait

  10. Cjng destroying the tourist livelyhood for honest vendors

  11. Good luck and best wishes, that the FBI will help instead of engaging in cover-ups, and don't forget to stay home and leave the pirujas alone.
    I'll be there if you need me boys!
    -Sol Prendido.

  12. Que se dejen de robar las libras mejor y ya no los levantan

  13. Not too many deaths in Culiacan, the locals will actually tell you it’s one of the safest places in Mexico for those not involved in the drug game.

  14. Nothing is being hidden about the currupted cops and government of Mexico. USA is fully aware. No need to kill journalist, Intel is gotten in many ways.

  15. Women get killed when their pior-es-nadas discover they really were in love with some other guy with more money and much much more pase.
    I yarriba Don Mes de Mayo y el Mayo y el Quinto Mes! Y la Batalla por Puebla that saw rafail Moreno Valle and wife leave this world for the serenity of the overthere.

    1. I still find it ridiculous for those who commit such due to the break up of a relationship. No one is worth going to prison nor lowering one's self dignity for a piece of ass.
      May as well hang oneself if u can't handle the tears of love

  16. If the United States actually cared about all the crime in Mexico we wpuld have defeated nearly every cartel in there. Instead we are sruck fighting pointless wars in the middle east for israel


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