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Saturday, May 18, 2019

"El Osmar" Extorsion Leader of Union Tepito Detained

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Vanguardia

          At the time of his arrest this subject carried a firearm and had in his possession drugs.

After four months of freedom, in the early hours of this Saturday, capital authorities arrested Alexis Osmar Flores Diaz, alias "El Osmar" , who is presumed to be the extortionist and distribution leader of the Union Tepito cartel.

The Attorney General's Office of Mexico City reported that the arrest of "El Osmar" was carried out in the streets of the Condesa neighborhood, Cuauhtémoc, where he charged extortion in the bars in the area.

According to the first reports , at the time of his arrest this guy carried a firearm and had drugs in his possession.

In 2018, "El Osmar" was arrested by the then Secretary of Public Security (now the Secretariat of Public Safety) for extortion in the Coapa area, Coyoacán City Hall. However, in February of this year he was released.


  1. And why was this individual released? This question and much more should be asked by its citizens.
    Answers pertaining to this erroneous action will probably be met with diversions to others. Which will be diverted over and over again with no real answer!

  2. It's funny how MEXICO mandates faces are to be blurred of criminals. But don't blurr the victims.

    1. It is the press that does it

    2. Guess the rights of criminals far exceeds that of the deceased.

      Why is that chivis?


    3. all theater my friend---on stage the presumption of innocence


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