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Monday, May 13, 2019

El Florida, TJ: 300 Kilos of Crystal Meth Found in Home Drug “Lab”

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta
                     Army and Municipal Police find "crystal" laboratory in Colonia El Florido
By: Inés García Ramos

A methamphetamine laboratory, where about 300 kilograms of this drug were located, was found by elements of the 28th Infantry Battalion and the Municipal Police in Tijuana.

Inside the house adapted to be used as a laboratory, located on Calle de la Pantera in the Cañadas del Florido neighborhood, chemical precursors, laboratory equipment and other materials were located, as well as packages of the finished drug.

The discovery of the site was made by the  staff of the Attorney General's Office (FGR) after they conducted a search this Sunday afternoon.


  1. thats a lot of weight! Manufactored in A neighborhood home. Must have had a tip off from offensive strong chemical reaction odors. They could of had Big Carbon filters to scrub the exhaust air? And just been watched by law enforcement... Most 'Labs' are located in rural Country or isolated locations.

  2. Its ironic when these special powers by law enforcement work best.
    Usually against a rival.

    1. And never against those murderers.

  3. With no arrests I presume.

    Sounds fishy. A PR campaign. While the drugs were carried out the back door for retail.

  4. Funny to see a kids toy in a room with 300 k. That's like 600 lb of mierda.

  5. No arrests, they get the dope. That are becoming like the Marina's suspects are let go.

  6. That was what they wanted them to find.


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