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Saturday, May 4, 2019

"El Alor", leader of La Union Tepito, killed

El Armadillo For BorderlandBeat From LaVerdad
Víctor Vázquez Alor, alias 'El Alor', alleged ringleader of Union Tepito, was shot to death during the early hours of this Friday in the Iztapalapa city hall, Mexico City. The first police reports say that 'El Alor' was with his girlfriend in the Rio de Tecolutla street, in the Churubusco neighborhood, when armed individuals shot him repeatedly and then fled.

Elements of the Secretariat of Public Safety and paramedics arrived and confirmed the death of the man, who received about 12 shots of firearm, was transferred to the Forensic Medical Service where the necropsy will be performed.According to the first investigations, 'El Alor' had remained as chief of operations in the southern area of ​​Mexico City after the arrest of Daniel Eduardo "N", aka 'El Tiger'.

In addition, 'The Alor' worked as a DJ in different nightclubs of the Countess colony, where he was responsible for the sale and distribution of drugs .Vázquez Alor was close to David García Ramírez aka 'El Pistache', imprisoned in the Reclusorio Oriente, who is below José Alberto Maldonado López aka 'El Betito'.

He was arrested and released

In August 2018, Víctor Vázquez Alor was arrested by police from the capital after finding him with an illegal pistol and another one of Caliber 45, capsules of the drug asocida 2CB tablets of different colors, bags with solid substance of cocaine, marijuana and LSD. However, the authorities granted him freedom, in less than three months, by paying a fine of 14,749 pesos.


  1. Can assume that DJing was his real source of income along with selling a few bags?
    Goes to show that this drug trafficking business only enriches the boss. While his stupid subjects get anything at all.
    But despite this evidence many take his place.


  2. Excellent gid rid of more criminals, get them before, they get you.

  3. A pero andava de caliente de "lider".

    1. Ora va a andar bien Frio y Tieso en el hell.

    2. Lmao caliente guy 😂😂 👍🏾


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