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Monday, May 27, 2019

Cuidad Juárez: Corrupt cop shot while in motel room

CIUDAD JUAREZ.- A municipal agent survived an attempted murder this morning when he was shot at on his day off. 

According to the version of ministerial agents that arrived at the scene, the officer arrived at the Motel Cúpula with two women. Once inside the room he heard someone trying to force the door open. 

The municipal policeman fired his weapon and a shootout broke out. The assassins managed to escape from the scene.

The officer called for backup. And rapidly soon after the place was swarmed by state and ministerial agents.

The two women who accompanied the man were arrested. It is believed that they were the ones who set up the agent.

Policeman who fired his weapon in motel is identified.

The agent is Erick Daniel A. C. and is currently suspended due to being involved in the theft of a CFE meter

Erick Daniel A. C., 24, is the name of the municipal policeman - suspended - who mobilized the security forces this morning, saying that he had been shot at in a motel.

The preventive agent, who is out of service due to an administrative suspension for being involved in the theft of a meter of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) in the month of October, was arrested by elements of the State Security Commission ( CES) with two women with whom he spent the night in the La Cúpula motel.

He was drunk and apparently intoxicated, revealed a commander of the FGE.

Although hotel employees said he fired several times, a firearm was not found on him.

Due to this fact, the SSPM will seek the definitive discharge of the agent involved.

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  1. No sympathy here.

  2. I wonder if the original plan was to rob him or to actually kill him?

  3. 🥪 quiovo! - Sol Prendido

  4. Dude probably thought"oh shit! Husband!!!" and started emptying the mag. Seems legit...

  5. "Ciudad Juarez: Corrupt cop shot at while in motel room"
    There I fixed your heading.

    - Black Stone

  6. So is he currupted or not. So if he had stolen the meter, that makes him currupted. Why did he need two women in hotel room.

    1. Two women + Love motel = threesome🤷🏻‍♂️

    2. It was 2 women, make love, Rob him, get him killed by the pimp,but they we're surprised he was also packing heat. They know 99 percent of the pheasants don't carry
      Luna Apagtha

    3. There’s a story out of Chihuahua, Chihuahua of an actual hitter who hired an out of town escort to help him take out his competition. Much in the same way Guero Palmas wife was seduced by a a Venezuelan playboy. The escort had to sleep with his competition for a few months before the guy would let his guard down. And once that happened the hitter easily eliminated his competition with a problem. To me it seems like the Trojan Horse story lives on in our day and age. It really just is the characters that change... - Sol Prendido

  7. Pero hay si andana de caliente

  8. Not cartel related but I guess not every crime in Mexico is.

    1. Cartels do not need to steal a facking meter from the Comision Federal de Electricidad, neither do police or former police officers, in a case like this it is more probable he got set up by the escorts for others to come and rob him, prolly had no idea he was a police officer.

  9. Unfortunately in Juarez you cant trust NOBODY. The person setting you up can range from the waiter you just tipped, the jovencita waiting for the bus or the cashier at soriana ringing up your papaya. The people you absolutely can NEVER trust are the police or (cough cough) law enforcement (sic).

  10. The agent is probably in one of the thousand of cartels in Mexico pockets and another cartel had two of their women to offer this agent some ass and he fell for it. Luckily he still have his life


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