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Monday, May 27, 2019

Chilpancingo: 8 Bodies Found In Truck Outside College

El Armadillo For Borderland Beat From Proceso 
CHILPANCINGO, Gro. - Eight people killed, six men and two women, were found in the trough of a redilla truck that was left on the channeling of the Huacapa River.

The victims were in front of the private campus called Colegio México, owned by Mercedes Calvo Elizundia, current president of the state DIF (family welfare program) and wife of Governor Hector Astudillo Flores.

While in the port of Acapulco, at least seven people were reportedly executed between Saturday and today, two of them identified as agents of the Federal Police of the Gendarmerie division, the reports indicate.

The other victims were reported in the Zihuatanejo spa where a woman and a man were shot, as well as one more person in the municipality of Zitlala, in the indigenous area of the Central region of the state.

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  1. Saw this first thing this morning.......just disgusting.

  2. Why in front of colegio Mexico, must have a reason. Are they sending a message to the owners ?

  3. Killings will never stop, will MEXICO break the record again this year. It has see surpassed Brazil.

  4. The guy on the front in green bloomers has his ass all black and blue, from the tablazos, no blood to be seen, must have been el chupacabras.

  5. It's like they were beaten to death with all that bruising and whatever group did this was definitely trying to send a message by putting it in front of the president of the state DIF house


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