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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Chihuahua: Sicarios are going at it with everything

Three beheaded and three shot dead were recorded this weekend.

The violent streak began last Saturday, when authorities went to a homicide in El Coyote ranchería in the Atascaderos section.

He had been shot 5 times. He was identified as Clemente Rosita Valenzuela, 33 years old.

In Atascaderos they found two other bodies. A beheaded was shot in Llano Grande. His name was José Carlos Valencia Ramos.

Two more bodies were found at Kilometer 17 in Puerto Sabinal.

A weekend of executions, beheadings and 1 person knifed in Calvo and Guadalupe.

Guadalupe and Calvo, Chihuahua .- This weekend has been one of the most violent in recent years for the residents of the different towns of Guadalupe and Calvo, after 6 people were executed and beheaded.

The most violent day was on Saturday, May 25, because there were 5 murders, all of them male, with multiple gun shots, although one of them was also beheaded.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, another person, male, was killed with a knife in the Baborigame section, ending one of the bloodiest weekends in recent years.

Elements of the State General Prosecutor's Office and the State Security Commission implemented different operations, mainly in the villages of Atascaderos and Baborigame to try to find those responsible, but so far there are no detainees.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from Lapolka and laparadadigital


  1. To find those responsible and detained is an understatement.
    Nothing will happen.

  2. When will the pheasants carry weapons to defend themselves.?

    1. Great idea. They can shoot at them from the air!

    2. Imagine the possibilities if they armed the peasants as well.

  3. So how's the whole deal with Ncdj and it's leadership? Because to me it looks like CDS is getting stronger in Chihuas. Honestly I wouldn't mind Cds taking over the whole state since Lineas likes to fuck with civilians

    1. been saying this for years.. but you have ignorant ppl that believe this war is about state pride .. what they fail to understand is that Sinaloa Cartel has been operating in Chihuahua since the 80s.. at one point Juarez and Sinaloa were working side by side with no issue.. my family is from Madera and everyone knows that Linieros fuck with common folk on a daily basis.. i too would rather have Sinaloa take over for good.

    2. Plz explain....

    3. Yes. Sinaloa only fucks with innocent people when they put a curfew on them and tell them where they can or cannot go. Then they fuck with people who have pretty young daughters over 15 years of age and want to take them by force if neccesary. Then when they are drunk if you so much as have a fender bender with them and you argue with them they will kill anyone unarmed.
      This is not mentioning when they find out you talk bad about them for these reasons they make you dissapear so you are never to be heard from again.
      Other than this Sinaloa is all work...shitters!

  4. I swear the government creates this instability. The more war there is the higher the price goes.

  5. What groups are fighting in this area?

  6. The main one is the Guarida Nacional, they are fighting to impose their. Military rule and wholesale corruption since AMLO got inaugurated, they tried for 6 years under EPN and for another 6 under FECAL after 6 more under fox...but AMLO is demanding results from the corrupt police.


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