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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Bodyguard For Journalist Hector de Mauleon Kills Carjacker

El Armadillo For Borderland Beat From Infotel

MEXICO CITY - The bodyguard for a prominent Mexican journalist thwarted an attempt to steal the columnist's car in an upscale Mexico City neighbourhood Monday, killing one of three armed robbers and wounding another in an exchange of gunfire, authorities said.

Columnist Héctor de Mauleón, who was inside a nearby restaurant and not injured, is known for his critical writing on organized crime for the newspaper El Universal and has been threatened on numerous occasions. The newspaper said de Mauleón had hired the retired military officer as his bodyguard because of the threats.

El Universal said that as de Mauleón sat in the restaurant on a tree-lined street in the Condesa neighbourhood, three gunmen approached the car, where the armed bodyguard was waiting. The paper said the bodyguard "confronted the assailants and left one of them dead, while another was wounded and one more fled

The city prosecutor's office confirmed that gunfire was exchanged, but mentioned only the dead assailant and the wounded one. It said the wounded assailant was taken to a hospital in police custody.

An Associated Press journalist at the scene saw a body loaded into a forensic van.
De Mauleón writes frequently about organized crime in Mexico's capital and has been outspoken about extortion rackets in Condesa. In 2017, Mexico's National Human Rights Commission condemned a chilling video threat against De Mauleón.

Mexico's federal security agency condemned Monday's incident on Twitter.


  1. Good for him! Now the rest of the good mexican ppl need a 2nd amendment and a revolution!

  2. Feel good story of the day

  3. Hip hop hooray.

  4. All the arguement one needs to make showing that an armed person can repel aggression.

  5. Well, now Hector knows what it feels like "to have blood on your way" instead of writing about other people's 'Rutas de Sangre', hope the milico really did his job and did not just murder some parking attendants or car window washers.

  6. Good for him.Shoe's on the other foot (for a change)!

  7. Great job, body guard needs a raise and a bullet proof vest.

  8. Good. I hope the injured guy dies and the remaining person gets killed for failing to carry out orders but only after he shoots his boss in anticipation of being killed.

  9. Looks like a carjacking gone bad. Not an assassination attempt against the journalist.
    Guess scoping out the car before attempting was out of the question?
    A costly lesson followed with an applause for the community.

  10. Car burglars steal from parked cars, try to rob the driver or anybody at the wheel, when they are parked.
    Carjackers rob the car from somebody driving it, killing a car burglar for attempting to steal from a car or for just telling you "get out of the car, I'm stealing it", could land the killer in hot waters for excessive use of force, a d assault with a deadly, weapon if the accused car jacker was not using a weapon, see case law on the US. It could be said the guys just wanted one peiso for washing the windows, Which has got black people murdered in Chicago, by a cop "for mouthing".

    1. Respect is given when received. Many forget that being a civil servant requires professionalism. For some however a badge is grounds for a civil rights lawsuit when convicted.

  11. @7:34p.m! WTF ever dont do the crime if you cant eat the bullet! Where i live theyd be lucky if the cop even did the paperwork for taking out a carjacker or robber!

  12. They should elect that bodyguard as president. Just like that movie with Denzel... On Fire


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