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Monday, May 6, 2019

Bloody Weekend in Guanajuato; Death Toll at least 22

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Debate y Infobae
     Guanajuato: At least 22 people were executed on Saturday in different events in the state.

From the first hours of Saturday and until the night was over the state of Guanajuato was the epicenter of a day marked by violence and firearms.

Apaseo el Alto was the municipality where there were more violent deaths (9). Around 11am several vans with armed individuals on board entered through the free highway Querétato-Celaya to the community of San Antonio Calichar and fired indiscriminately against the inhabitants.

The reasons why the armed group attacked that place are unknown , nevertheless, neighbors that witnessed the facts related that the convoy fled after the aggression and later went to the town of San Bartolo and carried out another shooting that took the lives of 3 people more: a man and his son just five years old, as well as a 14 year old teenager.

At 10 o'clock pm, reprisal to the event that took place in Apaseo el Alto, an armed commando sent several people into the Colonia April 24, leaving one dead and two injured, including a child under 5 years of age.

One of the victims was in a church, where he was going to be the godfather of a wedding, which was taking place in the religious compound.

The godfather of a wedding was executed inside a Catholic church just before starting the mass in the community of San Miguel de Emenguaro, in the Municipality of Salvatierra.  Armed individuals entered the church and approached the victim, opened fire and subsequently fled the scene.

The godfather of a wedding in San Miguel Eménguaro, was shot dead in the atrium of the temple shortly before beginning the religious ceremony; in spite of the murder, the fiancés continued with the marriage.

Around 1:00 pm, a 911 call reported firearms  in the atrium of San Miguel Eménguaro , where municipal police officers were deployed, who confirmed the report. A man was lying there injured by firearm. Elements of the Mexican Red Cross arrived but upon checking the vital signs of the person determined that he had already lost his life.

The area was cordoned off and guarded by police elements of different corporations, including state forces and the Mexican army.
Godfather's body was thrown out into the atrium of the Church's facilities and the couple continued with their wedding as authorities arrived on the scene to proceed with the investigation, along with the Red Cross and SEMEFO.

Later, members of the Public Prosecutor's Office and criminal investigation agents came to the scene, collecting evidence, and later, with the help of SEMEFO, they took the body and transported it to the city of Celaya to perform a necropsy on the law.

The man who died was originally from the community of La Moncada, belonging to Tarimoro, and it was later learned that it was apparently a confusion of identities.

Irapuato was the second bloodiest municipality. In five different events, five people were executed . The first murder occurred in the Las Americas neighborhood during the early hours of the morning. The victim: a 21 year old young man.

A few hours apart there were two events that occurred before noon. The first in the Villas de San Cayetano neighborhood and the second in the town of Lo de Juárez. In both cases two people were killed by firearm.

Also in Irapuato, one man lost his life and another was injured in an armed attack; the individuals were traveling in a vehicle in Colonia El Ranchito. In this same demarcation, a man died after being attacked with bullets inside a stationery shop in Colonia 12 de Diciembre.

In Celaya, a man's body was found in the park near Colonia Progreso around 8:30 am, local media reported.

In the Rancho Seco neighborhood of this same municipality, armed individuals broke into a mechanical workshop and killed a man identified as Jorge. The victim's body was lying under a car, where he tried to hide.

In the backyard of a house in Ejido La Joya, in León, a man was found murdered this morning. The victim, identified as Juan Diego "N", was kneeling with his face to the ground with at least five bullet wounds, mainly in the skull.

In Pénjamo, two armed individuals entered a house in Colonia Del Sol and shot dead a man identified as Ignacio Hernández. In the house were members of the victim's family, who were unharmed.

In Abasolo, two men were executed in a Los Pinos alley of Colonia Vicente Guerrero. After the attack, around 7:00 pm, those responsible fled between the streets and alleys of the area. Ten spent bullet casings were found at the scene.

In the municipality of Salvatierra 3 people were executed in the La Esperanza neighborhood, only a few meters from a church. In the community of Santa Teresa , in Guanajuato, the bodies of two teenagers who were stabbed to death were found. In Abasolo, Valle de Santiago and Salamanca three other people were executed.

In two of the cases the bodies were found in depopulated areas and the third was a merchant murdered by motorcycle hitmen outside a popular market.

While all this violence occurred in the state, former President Vicente Fox Quesada demanded guards for his protection - paid with public resources - from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

" This morning an armed commando tried to enter my house, it is a serious situation that requires immediate attention, " Fox tweeted.

According to a report in the newspaper Reforma , which cites private security personnel that safeguards the former president's property, on Saturday two armed people arrived and claimed that they were escorts of a couple, who would marry in The Fox Center. Security personnel told them that there would be no wedding at the ranch, and the armed people withdrew.

Guanajuato was the third entity in Mexico with the most crimes committed , according to the latest figures from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) for the month of last October 2018. This state comes in third behind Mexico City and the State of Mexico.

Specifically, in the crime of homicide, the state ranks seventh nationally in 376 cases only in the month of last October 2018.


  1. Wow. Church execution and wedding to proceed after the incident? Leaning on the victim was probably set up by a wedding party member for the wedding to continue without a hitch. Usually an incident such as this is a sign of bad karma. Added along with a lack of respect towards the victim.

    Can only imagine the pachanga that followed afterwards.

    1. 4:19 imagine the bride, must have had some feast with all the excitement, "andaba como Diablo" said the groom, while he wanted to be somewhere else because of the fear.
      Hard to have convergencia that way.

    2. Hilarious 10:02

  2. Fox can use his own money he 'made ' while el presidente.

    1. 4:54 se enoja Martitha si agarra dinero el guey...
      This is the Mystery of the Hen Pecked Fox.

  3. Marro people getting exterminated, guy should just give up and move out of guanajuato. He never had a chance from the beginning.. dumb move to split from cjng and declare war 9n mencho.
    Small local gang against an international cartel, makes no sense

    1. 6:53 what makes no sense is that an international cartel has NOT been able to take out a "local gang" n mencha looks no close to accomplishing it....

    2. meanwhile he's drinking tequila at a beach with some hunnies

    3. MARRO never was with cjng and they been giving mencho and cjng a fight cause it seems like mencho couldnt handle them so he had to pay the goverment to help him and same thing in Michocan he cant even handle Los viagras a smaller group aswell its diffrent when they have to fight with no help from other groups they cant just like when the Zetas kicked ther ass in Michocan( mencho&his people)had to run . Los Sinaloas helped them im just saying

  4. Wow. Where does the madness end? The animals are pushing as far as they can.

    1. 8:12 assistance for the displaced huachicoleros or desperado about to turn to a life of crime would be appreciated, it is always cheaper to help somebody help themselves than to bury them on anybody else's coin.

  5. Out of all the killings that occurs, in that weekend end, not a single criminal was caught or killed. On brother not even a strategic plan, to attack the convoy.

  6. I didn't know Marro split from CJNG, I thought he was a Zeta.

    Guanajuato was a beautiful, peaceful state. Sad

    1. MARRO WAS NOT CJNG there was a marro who defected from cjng with cholo, he was killed. different marro. that is why people with low level knowledge get confused.

      you are correct he worked with zetas.

  7. What does that have to do with this? Geronimo also killed a lot of white men for the same reason

  8. 12:29 I am sure Geromino had his rights of author protected better than his pinche caboose that died in captivity like a caged monkey in a prison of his good buddies, he must have known all the best mouthpieces on the Land of the Free and the Brave that caused some other Indians to write "Bury My Heart on Wounded Knee" or
    "The Ghost Stories of the Trail of Tears" some he recommended to AL Capone I suppose...
    If you want to go and kill Mexicans go and do it, boy, but expect no help with your propaganda, make sure your red face paint and feathers stick very well, Less someone confuse you with a false prophet and turn you into a false positive.

  9. Pinche mencha killing kids n unarmed people again...

  10. 12:29 You had to of bounced over from Breitbart. The same comment is often repeated over their religiously. Keep that racism going, I’d like to know once you fall on your ass for having said that. Please keep us all informed when that day comes genius. - Sol Prendido

  11. He had a reason to hate mexicans. His wife and kid were kill by pelones or mexican soldiers. Thing is he was apache and am pretty sure 8:13 u will piss ur pants if u had him infront of u internet tough guy. Am mexican my self so miss me with that b.s. for better lack of words heted the mexican army he was born in mexico himself.

  12. Cjng shooting up weddings abd killing 5 year olds.

  13. Marro taking the 🗑 out


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