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Monday, May 20, 2019

Bloody Weekend in Cd Juarez , Including 3 Men Found Inside a Wall

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Diario
A total of 22 people were killed during Friday, Saturday and Sunday in different parts of the city, reported the State Attorney's Office, through the area of ​​Social Communication.

There were 10 murders on Friday, 7 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday, said Alejandro Rubalcaba spokesman for the corporation.

There are already 103 people killed in the month of May, 11 of them are women, of whom three were buried clandestinely, in the courtyards of two houses in the west of the city.

Some of these individual incidents can be found on yesterday's Post: Commando Opens Fire on Party.

Three men were abandoned this afternoon inside some walls located on Globo and Mauricio Corredor streets in Colonia Chaveña,  all were first reported as dead, however, one of them was still alive, so he was transferred by rescuers to a hospital. 

Paramedics from the Rescue Department provided first aid to the man who had several gunshot wounds and then was taken to an ambulance to be escorted by police to a hospital center.

Elements of the municipal police secured the scene so that experts and agents of the State Attorney General's Office carry out the removal of the bodies and the evidence and initiate with the first investigations.

Until this afternoon there is no more information about the victims or the health status of the survivor.


  1. Anybody know what happened? It wasn’t this bad in january

  2. And the nerve to compare what's happening in Tijuana to Chicago.

    A poor man's war indeed. Like many cities across the US killing for a dollar. But not to such extremities.

    Evidence clearly shows the importance of job creation are not being distributed equally unto these communities.
    Creating divisions along with disparity among its population.
    Only to resort to other means to support oneself. An issue of neglect by many (community leaders / local officials ect).
    Someone once told me that choices are not optional for some. Beginning to believe there's some truth to this.


    1. Think you mean "not to such extremes"
      Drug trafficking like prostitution and trafficking of minors are jobs too, if you check, it was a line of business of the Havana Hilton before the pinchis castristas ruined it for the eyetalian mobsters and their Hilton Parnas... There are photos...
      In Mexico it is a new reality every day in tourist hot spots, even in "La Coahuila" in BC where fans pay for their fun and the entertainers get shit and balazos for their endeavors.

  3. Mando Unico tried hard to push over the municipal police departments until they aligned or got kicked out of the way, using testing for purging elements and then conquering the remaining officers with lead or silver offers, these tactics are being continued by the new Guarida Nazional, in Quintana Roo, morelos, Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Veracruz, BC Norte and sur, Sinaloa Sonora and Guerrero, they have a mandate, but nobody is catching up to their tricks, I mean no heavyweights on their case. But it has started leaking to AMLO.

  4. How do you put a person in a wall? I kind of fell out of my chair when I read this!

    1. Inside walls, in a room without a roof maybe, in a house, it only means the bodies were not outside in a patio or on the street.

  5. Here we go with the woman murdering all over again, and nobody getting into arresting or investigating or shit, maybe governor Javier corral needs to get out of the corral and do some taking charge before the newly reconstituted Guardia Nacional finishes sticking it up his ass.
    The only Mando Unico that should be there is results, not war on the polesias municipales and their municipios for the law enforcement jobs, where the money is by taking crime in their own hands like Jesus, I mean Jesus Alberto Capella Ibarra, he has been doing from Tijuana to morelos and Quintana Roo "where they dollars is, no peisos" according to Capella. Read "Capella se lleva 18 elementos de Morelos a Cancun" to collaborate in his criminal schemes, some of which were unheard of, now in charge of PANISTAS AND PRD narco politicians like governor Joaquin, despised by the PRI and Roberto Borge now bent on making it up to himself with the help of Capella, a godson of Jorge Hank Rohn... Puro pinche chilango everywhere.

  6. Hurry check with the alve victim to see who did it, have PGR present, as he will say it was the local police.


  8. Pues, we have to use our imaginations here. It means they were not buried in the floor. Perhaps shoved and locked or barricaded into a small closet; or stuffed behind some wallboard and taped over, they were thought to be all dead before being stashed in the wall is my understanding/ interpretation.

    1. Maybe the wall was hollow at the top and they just slid them down inside it, like sleepy hallow or cement boots

    2. To find them recently killed and one still alive, and by the foto, it was inside a roof less room, not exactly buried inside two or one wall, or emparedado like a turkey samwich or between two guys as they do in prison all the time, right Sol?

    3. Inside a room's four walls, nobody has the time to build a wall and still leave one survivor, people in Mexico often mention "these four walls" when they mean this room.

  9. Remember the scene in the movie Sicario? Bodies were wrapped in plastic, sealed inside the finished walls.

  10. 10:37 these were fresh bodies, one was still alive, nobody was about to build a wall for these indevidos.


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