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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Another Journalist Murdered in Playa Del Carmen

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ZETA
Crime Reporter Francisco Romero was murdered, known as "Ñaca-Ñaca", in Playa del Carmen; the 9th journalist to be murdered since AMLO took office.

According to the preliminary report issued by the local authorities, the "red note" reporter known as "Ñaca ñaca", The first reports indicate that the communicator suffered several blows , as well as a bullet impact ; his face disfigured. Last year his boss was also killed violently.

The body was found after 6:00 am today along with his motorcycle, in the parking lot of the "La Gota" bar located on 115 Avenue in the South  Ejidal neighborhood of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. Francisco Romero also served as a delivery man for the newspaper, Respuesta, a state-run newspaper that was published in Playa del Carmen.
OK, neither Blogger nor Twitter are co-operating today! If you really want to see the video here is the link: Police cordon off the area and it is possible to see from a distance Francisco's body crumpled and covered on the ground between two Police Patrol vehicles.
About five years ago he entered journalism as a photographer, when he was asked to cover the work of a person who did not show up for work. From that moment he kept covering stories of the "red notes", ie crime reporting, mainly in digital media and social networks.

Currently he worked as a contributor to the digital portal Ocurrió Aquí and was previously a contributor with the reporter Rubén Pat Cauich on the Playa News portal. On several occasions Romero denounced death threats against him.

Almost eight hours ago, Francisco Romero joined his accounts of the various social networks for a call to protect the integrity of Hector Valdez, a colleague reporter from Tulum, who has received threats for practicing his trade of journalism.

On June 29, 2018, reporter José Guadalupe Chan Dzib, a collaborator of Playa News, was murdered in the bar La Baticueva, in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto. Days later, on July 24, journalist Rubén Pat Cauich was shot dead.

On May 13, an armed attack on Cervercería Chapultepec, also in the Ejidal neighborhood of Playa del Carmen, left one dead and 11 wounded, some of them seriously. Two armed men arrived at the site around 22:00 hours and allegedly shot as revenge for the lack of payment of extortion.

One day later, on May 14, the Government of Quintana Roo assumed security with state police of the municipality of Solidaridad, replacing the municipal agents. This before the situation of "emergency" by the increase of criminal acts related to organized crime, as stated by Governor Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez.

With the death of Romero, at least nine reporters have been killed in the country since last December, when Andrés Manuel López Obrador became president. During the past six years, headed by Enrique Peña Nieto, 47 communicators were murdered.


  1. It's sad to say but this killing of another journalist will not be the last. Mexico is ranked 1st in journalists being murdered due to their line of work.
    Condolences along with the concerning efforts by public officials to apprehend those responsible will be met with certain hesitation. Rather, a lack thereof like many before him.


  2. Yaqui, critical journalism in Mexico is being shut down. If not for this blog, many would never know of the real news on the ground. Journalism is controlled by fear, and those trying to report truthfully are executed or simply don't report out of fear. AMLO needs to seek charges against these atrocities. Journalists need to know he has their backs.

    Francisco we know you sought truth and in doing so, lost your life.

    We will remember you, RIP

    1. 0833 I regret to inform you, that ALMO, is not putting any big effort, on combating the high homicide rate, that is transpiring. Instead he seeks treatment to those that buy and use drugs, he is busy offering poems, also he has stripped security for ex presidents. Shows you where his priorities are.

    2. If not for social media and other sources of news outlets worldwide, issues and findings of interest would never have be exposed.
      Censorship has become an issue everywhere. Political interests and pocketbooks have infiltrated public opinions (Freedom of Speech). Dictating what and what not to release.

      We are living in an unfriendly environment for speech in America.
      Can only imagine Mexico's political climate where Speech is 100 x worse.

      Good input

    3. 10:06 el sinor presidente AMLO did not offer anybody a bed of roses, and it is not the job of the Executive Commander in Chief to keep everybody's ass safe, those jobs are delegated even on the best countries... But I can see your nasty ass carrying on with your lazy propaganda, how about you run for presidente and in 5.5 years you finish crime by signing an edict in the first minute of your presidency? I mean, if you are not a culon y panochudo.

    4. A M L O is the presidente, not the states attorney or the prosecutor or the investigator, but you are a little tight asshole, that for sure;

  3. Where are the bodyguards that were promised by congress?

    1. Used by Congress to secure their families.

    2. If you can't stand the heat,
      Get out of the kitchen.

  4. With all the budget cuts AMLO has implemented. Not in the BUDGET!

  5. It was promised to ex president Vincete Fox because of his whining.

  6. he had 2 bodyguards and a panic button, still got le smoked :(


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