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Sunday, May 26, 2019

2 Community Police members dismembered in Chilapa

Guerrero.- On Friday morning, 6 black bags with human remains were found, corresponding to three men according to the Forensic Officer.

It is presumed that two of the victims are members of the Coordinadora Regional de Autoridades Comunitarias, Policías Comunitarias (CRAC-PC), which were deprived of freedom by the Policías Comunitarios por La Paz y la Justicia.

The acts occurred in an area known as "Las Antenas", a place where criminal groups commonly use to leave their victims dismembered.

Residents of the area indicated that since Thursday night they reported the discovery of black bags, which contained human remains inside.

It was until 9:00 in the morning that police from the three levels of government moved to the place, and found the bags that the inhabitants had reported, confirming in turn that there were human remains inside.

Although the corresponding authorities have not made an official report, among police officers it is suspected that it could be the regional commander of Atzacualoya, Bartolo "N", and his driver Isaac "N", who according to the CRAC members, were picked up by the Policías Comunitarios “Por la Paz y la Justicia”.

This group of civilian police is considered a guard of the armed group Los Ardillos, who at the beginning of February faced off against the CRAC, leaving as a result 12 people killed.

After the remains were collected and sent to the morgue, the Medical Examiner informed the State Prosecutor's Office that there were three victims.

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  1. So it's autodefensas against autodefensas. They should be protecting thier town's.

  2. This was a crime committed against the local indigenous people from the Indigenous and Popular Council of Guerrero – Emiliano Zapata (CIPOG-EZ). These individuals are members of the Community Police in the Nahua communities of Tula and Xicotian. One was a commander and both members of the National Indigenous Congress, both brave good people. This crime is added to the recent murder of Cucio Bartolo Faustino and Modesto Verales Sebastian, councilor and delegate of the Indigenous Peoples. These brave people suffer the terror policy that the narco-paramilitary groups, along with the bad government implement against them and other indigenous territories of Mexico. In this case the perpetrator of these terrible crimes is linked to the Ardillos, who has complicity of the Federal Army.


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