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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Video: Bagged bodies found behind Villas Cancun

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from Quequi

CANCUN - Two men were executed and their bodies located in two black trash bags on the side of the street of the 521 block 15 block 3A, on the back of the Villas Cancun subdivision, with apparent traces of torture and having been shot with a firearm.

The facts were reported to the emergency number 911, close to 10:30 am, and authorities were immediately alerted to the discovery of the bodies of two people lying on the side of the street.

According to witnesses, people who were traveling in a white van passed by the place and threw the bodies and fled, members of the municipal police went to the place and once they found the discovery, they requested the intervention of the police and corresponding authorities.

Elements of the Ministerial Police and experts in Criminalistics and Expert Services went to initiate investigations, establishing that the new victims of crime are in the capacity of strangers.

In the place they had at sight the bodies of at least two people of masculine sex who were among the bags.

At first glance, the authorities point out that the men had traces of violence and gunshots, so the place was processed and once the bodies were examined, they were transferred to the Legista Medical Service, for the corresponding procedures.


  1. Cancun is closer to becoming another Acapulco. Best to avoid such destinations Mexico can't protect its own people.

    1. There needs to be a no man's land and a shoot to kill zone on each end, (at least until there is a wall) to keep undesirables out of Cancun and make sure they get killed somewhere else.
      Make Cancun Great Again!

  2. Neither Mexican politicians nor the Mexican Government care about their own people. And by the way in my point of view the majority of Mexicans citizens don't care about other Mexicans since all they do when they witness an illegal activity is either join in the illegal activity or turn a blind eye away and pretend that they didn't see anything! I used to live in Mexico for more than 14 years, my wife is from Mexico and our daughter was born in Mexico but we now live in the US due to the unsafe environment caused by people not being able to trust the proper authorities. Good luck Mexico because I love the Mexican people who are good inside their hearts!!!

    1. This is one of the few comments that are actually accurate

    2. That is just your opinion and not mine bro.

    3. 10:47 never forget, the Mexican authorities get about 3 billion dollars from the US government to fight this war ON drugs, and some snacks with free rides to cooperate.
      With impunity garranteed.

    4. 9:12 YES! and The Mexican people get NOTHING, shet, zilch, nada!

  3. Its nothing new guys should re package it for the public


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