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Monday, April 15, 2019

Viagras cruise through Michoacán after a firefight with the CJNG

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from Reporteniveluno 

MICHOACÁN.- A video has quickly become viral on social networks, where a Los Viagras convoy is shown cruising through the streets of Michoacán, after starring in a brutal shootout against hit men of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG).

Since last week, there have been shootings and clashes between groups of armed civilians and enemies among themselves in different parts of the municipality of Parácuaro, Michoacán.

Local reports state that on April 4, residents of Ordeñitas, Tepehuaje and Maravatío registered attacks and shootings against the populace, as well as direct attacks and house fires.

This has caused people to leave their homes and try to protect themselves with friends or relatives in the municipal seat, where they’ve also requested asylum and support from the parish priest.

On the other hand, the disappearance of inhabitants who have been called to meetings by the same leaders of Los Viagras has been reported.

The neighbors of these regions have accused that the armed groups have forcibly removed the families of their plots and orchards, in addition to burning some houses during this weekend.

Meanwhile, the communal authorities said armed civilians of the Knights Templar are entrenched in these villages, which have been attacked by the CJNG.

Of this last one there is a registry in videos published on networks, where fires of homes and roads can be seen, full of percussive cartridges.

Last Monday, a recording was shown in which a convoy of armed men is shown circulating through the streets of the town of Buena Vista.

According to witnesses, these groups are part of Los Viagras, which allegedly cruised around after staging a confrontation with members of the CJNG.


  1. How many of these cartel fights are staged for Ciro Gomez Leyva?
    He is an addict to chayote, and these propaganda documentaries are trying to extort some chayote from AMLO who has nothing to do with it.
    Dr Mireles could report some on it to make it more credible, after all there is no Pena Nieto around, but there will be elections soon and jockeys are taking positions.
    See, How many deaths?
    Just a campaign of terror for the land and property.

  2. Hopefully all cjng are gunned down

  3. Mexico is a failed state if these criminals can roam the streets without intervention from law enforcement & the military.

  4. 5 days of topones with no deaths or wounded, it is just a terror campaign for the property of the fugitives who chose to go away.
    No government gets involved until the balazos are over.

  5. Viagras are asking for trouble, 5he pheasants need to armed themselves, and ambush 5he cartels, create a perimeter outgun them in the shoot out.

  6. There's an article that came out that said that Viagras have a 'Los jaliscos' crew going around in Michoacán trying to scare the smaller cartels in order so they align with the Viagras so that 'los jaliscos' don't advance. Good strategy if true.

  7. What happened to americano? What role does he play now

    1. supposedly he was killed in a bar--I will leave it at that

  8. Paracuaro is a very very beautiful little town about 15min from Apatzingan. Only 1 way in about 7km turn off the highway. There is a river there that runs ice cold from the ground despite the hot heat and it is rumored to have healing powers. Spent many a day there just soaking in the water. I have lots of photos of those areas from when I lived in Apatzingan. There are some places with a dark history, a famous singer has a rancho there, but there are many gangsters around not to be messed with. Buena Vista is also quite beautiful but so many problems.


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