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Friday, April 19, 2019

TJ Couple Shot in the trunk of their Car while Hitmen Rape their Daughter

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ZETA By:  Inés García Ramos

A couple was murdered in the trunk of their car for drug trafficking to the US; their daughter forcibly raped then forced to move their bodies.

A married couple was executed in the trunk of their vehicle by a group of men, who also sexually abused their minor daughter. The teenager was then forced to drive the car where the bodies of her parents were found. The line of investigation of the crime points to drug trafficking. 

The PGJE already searched the address where the crime occurred.

Twenty year acquaintances of the family of Jaqueline and Andrés Martínez claimed that both were quiet people, merchants and parents of three children.
However, according to testimonies incorporated into the file initiated by the double murder of which they were victims, one of the activities of the couple was the trafficking of drugs to the United States.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 10, the couple left their house because they had been summoned by a person linked to drug trafficking in a house in the Pedregal neighborhood of Santa Julia in Tijuana. They took their 17-year-old daughter Heidi with them, whom they had picked up from high school, hence she was with them.

The family arrived at the agreed meeting point in their red Toyota Corolla car . But it was a trap to kill them. According to information obtained officially, armed men, who are also part of an organization dedicated to the trafficking of drugs, separated the parents from their daughter.

The minor was taken inside a house and sexually abused by the assassins, who tried to strangle her afterwards with a red rope, but then left her alive.

Separately, the couple was forced into the trunk of their own vehicle and once inside, their killers shot them in the head.

Some time later, not yet determined, the criminals let the girl go, ordering her to take the car and informed her that her parents were in the trunk.

It was just past midnight when Heidi arrived at the Chevron gas station , located at the Rampa Flores Magón, in the direction of the Loma Bonita neighborhood, on the corner of the Libramiento Sur.

The minor walked past the gas pumps, left the car traversed in the lanes inside the station and walked to the dispatchers.

She explained to the employees that her parents were in the trunk. When the Municipal Police officers arrived who responded to the report of the workers, they observed the teenager at the side of the vehicle, which still had the engine running and the lights on.

One of the policemen approached the car and saw blood stains leave the trunk, so he opened it to inspect and observed the two bodies.

At first, Heidi was considered to be responsible for the double homicide, since she was driving the car in which the bodies were moved, but once she spoke with the investigating agents, they realized that she was a victim.


Although, about 80 % of the intentional homicides that are registered in Tijuana have as motive  related to drug dealing, according to investigations carried out by the Attorney General's Office of the State (PGJE), in few occasions there is a record of sexual aggressions.

This does not necessarily mean that it does not occur frequently, only that victims rarely report the crime to the PGJE, precisely because of the links they have with illicit activities, explained a specialist consulted by ZETA .

In the case of this double homicide and sexual violation, the PGJE will follow the research line of drug trafficking as the motive and the researchers are integrating the investigative folder.

However, they consider atypical the decision of the murderers to leave the child alive.


A few days ago, a judge issued a search warrant for the ministerial police to inspect the address where the outrage and the murders occurred.

The agents entered the house made with wooden pieces in a small plot of land. They found a dirty place, a mattress on the floor, a few pieces of furniture and the rope with which they tried to assassinate Heidi. They also found a series of sexual assault evidence to integrate into the research portfolio.

However, until the close of this edition, those responsible for the double homicide and rape had not been detained.

Early Thursday, April 11, staff of Expert Services PGJE came to the gas station to collect information of the vehicle where the bodies had been found Jaqueline and Andrew.

The station closed operations during the hours that the expert works took. Due to the little human and vehicular traffic of the avenue at that time, the bodies of the 36-year-old woman and the 43-year-old man were processed on the site.

The experts removed each of the bodies and placed them on the floor of the station to begin photographing them and collecting clues. They were even stripped of their clothes to capture the holes in the bullets in photography.

The red 2011 Toyota Corolla , with boundary plates and registered to Jaqueline, was also revised. No bullet casings were found, however from the doors of the driver, copilot and rear to the trunk, where the bodies were placed, the experts took samples of fingerprints and other possible traces of evidence of those who committed the crime.

Heidi declared what she remembers of the events to the staff of the PGJE, which in turn removed her from responsibility for the events and handed her over to the custody of the Municipal System for the Integral Development of the Family, where she remained until the realization of this note.

Heidi has a few months before turning 18, but until a relative of legal age goes to prove his or her  kinship, she can not leave the shelter as a minor.

As for Jaqueline and Andrés, none had criminal records in Mexico, so authorities have not been able to link them to any specific group of drug traffickers in the region.


  1. Replies
    1. Glad to see you back Chivis.

    2. Meanwhile my girlfriend just passed away two weeks ago due to Lupus. She was 27 years old. The lupus attacked her liver which broke out hepatitis after a two year battle with the condition. 2 years ago she made it out of the hospital. This time, God gave her wings. She passed away at the hospital general de tijuana. I chose her casket, her mom have me the ok. I buried her with my own hands and the shovel at her burial site. Im 28 and I never thought that I had go through this ever. And yet you have these inhumane sadistic animals running around and killing people and they are still alive with their health? Its hard to accept this , chivis. The wrong people die.

    3. I am so sorry! Lupus and other autoimmune disorders plagues my family for 4 generations, it almost killed my daughter at the age of 26 while giving birth to her first child-she had strokes and the baby died. it was the worse moment of my life.

      My little nephew was diagnosed this year, he is 10 which is extremely rare to have lupus and RA at that age, he has both.

      I don't think any sane person would disagree with your saying the wrong people die.

      God how horrible...again I am sorry 😢

    4. Omg. Between the post about the 2 parents being killed and the daughter being raped; then anonymous 2:04 having to bury his child; and then you Chivis having to bury your Grandchild,what your daughter has been through and your little nephew...all are heartbreaking. My prayers and thoughts are with both of you. Many blessings. And yes...the wrong people die. Peace to all.

    5. God bless u both

    6. 11:29 sorry for your loss. Nothing prepares you for that loss,especially when you and your loved one are young. Can feel senseless. What got me through my brother's death was believing in a higher power and him going to a place he was needed more there than here with his family. It wasn't random. Hang in there

    7. Chivas go to Hermosillo and talk to Clara bertones of
      The mms is curing lupus in people.
      And cancer
      Put him on scalar healing
      They are getting cures of hep c, Epstein Barr virus,herpes,hiv all dna pcr tested.
      It free,to try once fir 2 I' credit card
      Just email.
      Tom palidino is the Tesla scientist on you tube

    8. Only the good die young. Sorry for all of your losses.

  2. This is horrible, I can't imagine what she went through. God bless her

  3. Perhaps they were 'independent' and didn't pay their 'piso' and someone got pissed?

  4. Chivis welcome back..and yes ,you wright..they are realy bastards

  5. They haven't linked which criminal cartel works that area yet? Good evidence gathered, but will it disappear but currupted cops.

  6. These folks are for sure gonna burn in the hottest circle of hell!😠

    1. That would be justice being served

    2. So ya all have concluded that they are guilty, huh? No doubts assholes???

      maybe the hitmen's boss had showed interest in the girl and been rejected by the girl and/or her parents and sent his assholes to destroy her.

      Just ONE possibility of MANY!

  7. That's terrible. I don't even know how someone can get and stay aroused long enough to rape. Idk

    1. I’ve asked myself that very question my friend ... how can you stay aroused while you look into the face of your victim crying and pleading to stop .. the answer is simple ... these animals enjoy inflicting suffering and torment .. they get off on that

    2. Rape is not about sex. Its about power. These lames should be shot on the spot.

  8. Sadly we’re going to hear more about this sick type of shit as the years go on. It’s getting harder and harder to cross drugs over the border so all these little local drug dealers are fighting for the market in Mexico, particularly in the metropolitan areas. Man I haven’t been able to get this story out of my mind all day that’s just straight fucked up.

    1. What you said is true, Mexico is gonna suffer a lot even if it’s easy to transport to USA, because these evils enjoy hurting others. I don’t know if there is hell in reality, but I do know Mexico is there. Feeing sad for the peoples.


  9. brothas. First thing that comes to mind is the video of CJNG gutting that kid in front of his dad. CJNG is out of control.

  10. Drug trafficking has been a cancer spreading across countries. Majority of crimes are attributed to drugs in some form.
    Hate to say but the minor was lucky to have survived despite the horrors she underwent.

  11. I hope these fucks get the most brutal death. I love being mexican and im proud of it but i hope the country gets ran sacked by the US. All of these fucks should die violently

    1. I lived in Mexico for 5 years. One time i was introduced to 3 sicarios who worked for the plaza leader. Just because of a business I was in that was completely legal. But, all 3 were higher than kites. How can they make sound decisions being coked out, high on meth or H. This is why you see these people killing everything that moves. They kill for fun. This is a big liability to an organization. Wondered why plaza boss did not kill them. All these fuckers are addicts. Coke and meth are all over the place.

    2. Sound decisions!? Sicarios dont take decisions. Sicarios ONLY say 'si senor' and do as they are told. Typically any deviation or hesitation is punished severely.

      The life expectancy of a sicario is VERY short. Once they have seen enough and know too much they are bumped rite off.

      The zombie sicario is a great tool for spreading terror and keeping right minded people locked up in their houses.

  12. Those Mexican muchachos are hilarious.
    Karma for the filthy drug traffickers.

  13. Why we want a wall. Just saying

    1. It's happening in Mexico, not over the wall. Oh brother 1140

  14. Yeah la jefa chivis is bacc !

  15. What group would do this?

  16. Chivis! How are you?

    1. Ja! Alive! mas o menos---thank you for asking

  17. Another cjng hit. Cjng members should be shot on site at all hours of the day. Cjng are cancer of mexico.

  18. Screaming out the top of my lungs chivas is back

  19. Well, there's another person who will live looking over their shoulder the rest of their life! Anxiety, sex and relationship problems, trust issues, insomnia,nightmares... who knows, some people are strong willed and are able to put it behind them. But I think they are the minority. I hate stories like these but they need to be told. Darkness and evil needs light


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