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Monday, April 29, 2019

The Maya region heats up: After a triple execution in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, the mayor is threatened in a message

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat Noticaribe
Felipe Carrilo Puerto, Mx.- From Playa del Carmen, Felipe Carrillo Puerto's municipal president, José Esquivel Vargas, and one of his employees are threatened with death by warning them via social networks.

In the photograph, the victim is seen bound with industrial tap, with a cartulina lying on top of his body.  

The threat is given in the evening  after three executions were recorded in this city and the threat is made from a subject who calls himself Ernesto Casas "Vecinos de Villas del Sol, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo".

"Jose Esquivel, this is how you will end up for selling the plazas. Yuri you think that we don’t know that you work for the government, you actually believe that your political friends are gonna help you out? Welcome to Tierra Caliente”, reads the manta. 

In addition, the citizens of Felipe Carrillo Puerto are warned not to leave their homes after eight o'clock at night. 
“We are sick and tired with everyone who’s fucking up in town! The cleansing has arrived. Marines and state police, you dirty motherfuckers will suck our dicks! Yuri, your world has gone to shit, just the same as your presidents. You won’t always be in office. Anyone who is caught on the street after 8 at night will die. The problem isn’t with you guys. Do not defy us!”

We sought a statement of Mayor José Esquivel but as of yet--no answer.


  1. Now it's open season on Mayor's, Governor's, that want to stay clean, and not go into the dark side. Easy targets no one is protecting the them.

    1. Open season for any politician has transformed Mexico for decades.
      No permit required for these individuals who kill officials.

  2. Hello SOL thx for tranlation but is „your world is going...“ always the same in Spanish or did you translate it always to this?
    Have read this or similar sentences many times during the last months.

    1. The thing about profanity, regardless of which language is being used, is that their meanings don’t always have the same expression in another language. So, what I do is get it as close as possible to what’s understandable for the English speaking. I’m not a certified linguist. But i understand completely what’s being said. And when people speak in Spanish their words always carry a lot of weight in them. Enough so that for those who understand know right away that danger flows from them. Their words carry depth. Which is something that you normally don’t see in other languages. Words can build or destroy. The mantas here are all about destruction. - Sol Prendido

    2. Sol translated as it is written, he is BB, expert manta reader.

    3. 6:39 Not as written, but close
      7:43 Don't try to make Chole World turn to shit for helping
      or I will make your world Cagada
      Chole, keep up the good work buddy.

  3. Jose Esquivel, this is how you are going to pay for selling plazas.
    Yuri, do you think we don't know you work for the government?
    Do you think your politician friends have got your back?
    Welcome to Tierra Caliente!
    7:43 English literally translated to Spanish sounds really pussified, Spanish Translated to English loses a lot of the spicy hot pepper.
    some liberties get taken by the artist once in a while, no problemo.
    just don't say "No collushun, No Obstrucshun" and we OK...
    Meanwhile in Florida's 2018 election, Russian hacking beneficiaries and dirty tricksters Rick Scott, Marco Rubio and Ron De Santis who won their elections as a result, are protesting the Russian hacking... Because it is coming out of the closet...
    "we don't know where the hacking took effect" they say...

  4. Jose Esquivel that’s how you’ll end up for selling the turf (vendeplaza) yuri do you really think we don’t know you work for the government? Do you think you’re political friends are going to give you a hand (paro) welcome to the Tierra caliente

  5. Those manta authors always sound so incredibly pissed off, agitated, and indignant.

    1. Loosing money or about to, anyone would.

  6. What a shame. I was thinking of going here this summer to their Spanish language school. No longer. I thought that this was a safe place.

    1. There's always the YMCA. Plus free swimming lessons.



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