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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

State of Tamaulipas files claim to Yarrington U.S. property gained with state funds

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Reforma

Through a lawsuit, the Government of Tamaulipas seeks to recover a property of 1.2 million dollars, acquired with resources allegedly diverted by former Governor Tomás Yarrington Ruvalcaba using prestanombres [shell or shadow company].

In a statement it was reported that, with this legal process, a South Texas Judge will be asked to return to the state estate a property consisting of three lots in Brownsville, Texas, which was acquired with resources from the Government of Tamaulipas.

The suit states that the property was purchased in the name of the wife of Fernando Alejandro Cano Martínez, currently a fugitive in the United States for money laundering and other crimes that he committed in complicity with Yarrington, arrested in 2017 in Italy and extradited to United States in April 2018, where he remains a prisoner.

During the Administration of Yarrington, Cano Martinez would have obtained multiple contracts for execution of public works and according to the accusations in the United States; part of the money obtained from the payment of those works was delivered to Yarrington.

The Government of Tamaulipas is requesting the US authorities to declare the purchase of the land illegal and become property of the Government of Tamaulipas, as it is a property acquired with resources from the State Administration.

Law firms Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss PLLC, based in New York; Hance Scarborough, LLP, located in Austin, Texas, and Ray Thomas Law Group, with offices in McAllen, Texas, represent the Government of Tamaulipas in this case.


  1. As if secrecy of legal services to obtain revenue from criminals were not well known. Their bread and butter like politicians and their campaign donors.
    Question is: who will win?

    1. If the government of Tamp. wins they will use the place, as a safe haven, for cartel expanding into the US.

    2. Yeah, I mean, it's not like the government spends millions investigating these people, or millions putting them on trial or millions keeping them in jail and fighting appeals!

      Da guvment just wants the revenue from these criminals, their crimes in seconday.

  2. Ugenio ernandez and viejidio Cantu also need to be exposed and tar and feathered, but there are many more crooks with investigations pending.
    --Yarrington, in prison in Tejas, will have to declare:
    "who his compadres in tejas",
    a question today's governing politicians know the truth about, governor Yarrington would go in his air plane to visit "his Compadre Tejas governor every weekend" who of course "never kniu nothin' but anything"

  3. The US does not have to share profits of confiscated money or properties with anybody, I suspects they even nurture their marks until the bank is bursting with their deposits, then they get up their ass with the big thick long black glove.

  4. Honey, some "wars" are won like horse races,
    Before they start racing.


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