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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Reynosa: 18 AK47's Found In Truck

Armadillo Borderland Beat From VXT
Reynosa, Tam.- Elements of the Federal Police of Reynosa Station secured 18 long AK-47 "cuernos de chivo" hidden in a compartment of a Windstar truck, stopping the driver on the La Sierrita section of the Monterrey highway.

.The events took place on Monday night, around 8:00 pm, at kilometer 197 + 500 of the highway Monterrey-Reynosa, section connecting La Sierrita-Reynosa.

 The federal elements made contact with a Ford vehicle, a 2004 Windstar, license plates XKY-5778 of Tamaulipas, driven by Jorge Humberto Leal Sauceda, a 38-year-old Mexican, residing in Reynosa, when inspecting the vehicle, long hidden weapons were detected on the posterior sides.

The officers extracted the objects and counted the weapons, in total there were 18 long guns, AK-47, cal. 7.62 x 39. 

The Public Ministry of the Federation was informed and ordered the transfer of the person and the vehicle.


  1. I know that highway well, puro pinche narco grind

  2. looks like la mencha wont be getting his stock

    1. 9:40 la Mencha las fabrics, military grade computers and equipment licensed to SEDENA, and ultra secret, even sicario .oo6 has no idea....hey, Salvador Cienpedos the former Secretario de la Defensa Nacional needs to put some cash in his retirement fundillo

  3. Pero ahi andan de calientes.
    Ora ni con las pinchis nalgas apestosas va a pagar por las armas

  4. Great catch officers don't let him go, more likely, with those weapons murders of about 1500 we're prevented. But it is funny when the Marina's, make a bust not a single soul is arrested, not even a ghost.
    Luna Apagtha

  5. This individual will not spend more than a week before charges are dismissed.
    These weapons will be handed over to rival cartels for usage in the future.
    Nice gig for those inspection personnel.

  6. Sorry the chief editor Chivis is ill. Swift recovery wished for. Health is more important that reporting on the evils of men.

  7. Pa onde iba?
    De onde venia?
    Que cartel?
    And most of all, where did he get the weapons?


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