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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Puebla: Ex mayor of Cuautlancingo requests precautionary measures for threats Video

Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat from PueblaSintesis

The former mayor of Cuautlancingo, Félix Casiano Tlahque, filed the complaint with folio CDI5711 / 2019 / ZC for the threats received.

The former mayor of Cuautlancingo, Felix Casiano Tlahque, filed the complaint with folio CDI5711 / 2019 / ZC for the threats received, and requested protection measures, threatened supposedly by the Cartel Jalisco New Generation with death if he didn’t leave the municipality in a span of fifteen days.

"Due to the video that I received, I am first of all placing the complaint and requesting protection, I will not allow any signaling from the media that we headed, we do not have to be silent or cut the freedom of expression we have today" He said in a telephone interview.

On his departure from the town hall of this demarcation, Casiano Tlahque created his own media together with the reporter Yahir Licona, but said he does not suspect where these threats might come from, "I have no enemies, we have been a critical means, I never received threats being mayor, he assured him that I never had a situation like this. "

 He added that the lawsuit is in place and trusted that the authorities will follow up on this situation, as well as trusting that his family and his family will be protected.

He said that on Monday he received a video, which circulates on social media networks and where he is threatened with death, so he went to C5 to file this complaint, "we have located your children and your wife's clothing store", can be heard in the recording where they assured they will clean the plaza

Video translation is as follows:

Look Felipe Casiano. We’re already here fucker. And we have you located in Cuautlancingo fucker. You have 15 days you son of a bitch or your world will go to shit. 15 days to pay us. Or get the fuck out of town. We’re already here. We have your children located fucker, and you in Zelap. We also know your wife’s clothing store. Your fucking kids are always there. Their world will go to shit. We’re going to also kill your little faggot reporter El Jake. You’re in our crosshairs you son of a bitch. And we’ve come to clean this bitch ass plaza, holy fuck! Be fucking ready you sons of bitches!


  1. Looks like his hat had CD tho. Not CJ. So who is it?

  2. Not sure where u see d. It's a j

  3. Mexico can't even protect their own politician. Ya think they can protect the regular folks? WTF

    1. 1:47 why don't you come and protect the Mexican politicians?
      Most Mexicans are too busy to mind the bullshit, fuck'em.

  4. He leave those people alone bro why don't u fuck heads go find a job 🖕

  5. Why bother the ex Mayor, if he is not a mayor no more. Who here in BB, thinks he will get the protection he wants?

  6. He took then and now refusing to take the lead.

  7. Do you think there will be an investigation into this threat? Like all politicians in Mexico either you play ball or else. Probably wise to say political imprisonment is the actual job description for these people.


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