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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Pto Manzanillo: 85 Ks of Cocaine and 12 TONS of Sea Cucumbers

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: estacionpacifco
                                 Semar seizes 85 Kilos of Cocaine in the port of Manzanillo

By: Daniel Álvarez
The Secretariat of the Navy ( Semar ) found on Thursday 77 packages weighing more than 85 kilos of cocaine in the port of Manzanillo , Colima, in a container from Callao, Peru .

The agency reported Friday in a statement that the drug was aboard the ship Hamonnia Sapphire, originating in Guayaquil, Ecuador, which "showed signs of transporting illicit cargo," according to the information released. His destination was Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala.

The cocaine packages were insured by elements of the Sixth Naval Region and the Customs of Manzanillo and made available to the Attorney General of the Republic ( FGR ) to integrate the corresponding investigation folder.

The last seizure of drugs in the port of Manzanillo reported by Semar occurred on November 30, when 100 kilos of cocaine were detected in a ship also from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

In November 2007, the largest seizure of the drug registered in the Colima port and in the country occurred. On that occasion, 235 TONS of cocaine were seized from Buenaventura, Colombia, a shipment that belonged to the Sinaloa Cartel , according to investigations conducted by federal authorities.

12 TONS of Sea Cucumbers Destined for China:

                Semar reported on Sunday that it seized approximately 12 TONS of sea cucumber

Sea Cucumbers or Pepinos del Mar have been exploited for years are generally taken by"hooka" divers

A hooka diver uses a long tube running from the compressor in the panga to breath while he harvests the pepinos/ cucumbers from the sea floor. It takes a sea cucumber 2 years to become old enough to reproduce. Also hooka diving is generally illegal in Mexican waters and is a dangerously risky operation for those that cannot afford Scuba gear ( which is , of course, why they use this method ). They are subject to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning from the compressors. 

The Sea Cucumbers - a species in  permanent protection - was seized in the port area of ​​Manzanillo, with final destination Shanghai, China, after its legal provenance was not proven. The Secretary of the Navy, Rafael Ojeda Durán, said Friday at the morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador that in that assurance they have found signs of "collusion" with 
organized crime organizations.


  1. China is notorious for wildlife destruction.

    1. Mexico is notorious for Human destruction

    2. U.S. is notorious for cocaine consumption

    3. U.S.A are known for world destruction and being the most ignorant dummies in the world.

    4. 2:32 Iran/Iraq war, 500 000 deaths each
      Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, East Timor, Bangladesh, cossacks returned To Stalin, millions of Latin-American victims of US puppet governments, including Mexico's... Syria, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Iraq again...
      --Those conflicts have cost millions and millions of people their lives but the US could not restrain itself by any means, because American Warlords decide who lives and how they live in the world

  2. Ora mochense con Ojeda cabrones,
    ya no esta el Loco Soberon.

  3. Mencha is losing his mind by now

  4. 235 tons of coke? Are you sure that is correct? Not saying it isn't that just is an astronomical amount.

    1. well, I double checked the link , that is the number used, I believe it is some kind of record. IF I get time I will try to confirm, but that was a long time ago.

    2. 6:01 More likely 235 pounds, or 2.35 tons.
      I always fack up small details like that, but if a pusha deals 2.35 grams wrong, that could be the maruchan for a whole week.

    3. The largest cocaine seizure ever Was approximately 20 plus tons seized multiple times in multiple countries going back to 1989 California bust to 2017 Columbia bust
      235 tons would literally be impossible to transport and there would be no disguising it
      You were talking about 470,000 pounds to put it in context here is a link showing 28,000 pounds which virtually covers the deck of the ship pictured

  5. Check cooking recipe for sea cucumbers,
    but use a cat for authentic Chinese food.

  6. Mexico's criminals will plunder any and all for a profit.
    This is post apocalyptic stuff happening now.

  7. With such a low amount of drugs, it seems like that is just an offering to appease the law enforcement gods. The TON of coke is hidden much better. I see these small loads as tokens to busy them up so the larger ones can get through. Same thing they do at the border in cars

  8. The Navy recoverd the loot, but nothing is mentioned if anyone got arrested. Navy is becoming notorious for drug seizures, but not a single soul arrested. Don't tell me the ship drove by itself.


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