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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Nayarit: 21 Bodies Found In Clandestine Graves, New Record For State

El Armadillo For BorderlandBeat From Proceso
The Nayarit Prosecutor's Office indicated that the number of corpses recovered in a clandestine grave located in a plot in Valle la Saucera, belonging to the municipality of Xalisco, amounts to 21.

According to NTV, the organization Familias Unidas por Nayarit reported on April 6, the presence of foul odors in said pit, and later the Office of the Prosecutor began the excavation work.

During 2018 five corpses were located in the same property.

With the new figures, the pit of Valle la Saucera is where the largest number of human remains has been found in the state.


  1. The increasing number of missing people in Mexico has been a hot topic these past years. With so much political pressures internally and internationally. I do see more emphasis from government now to get some resolution.
    If not for the foul odor this would not have been found.
    Can only imagine the horrors families are anticipating.

    Who operates in that area BB

    1. 2:25 Fuerza Nayarit, founding member comandante PGE Edgar Veytia is in prison on the US, but he left his team back home, and former governor Rodolfo sandoval got to keep all th money, all the property and all the sicario narco-polesias

  2. Amador still offering poertry to anyone that will lusten.

  3. El fiscal Edgar Veytia betrayed the Sinaloa, the Beltran Leyvas and the CJNG, to keep it all, left all his murdering apparatus in place when he got arrested in the US, you can blame all the secret clandestine mass Graves on him and his heirs.
    I guess he pled guty in NY.
    When he got arrested, governor Sandoval Blindo el Estado, Policias, helicopters army all over, and ran to see Miguel Angel osorio Chong in a private visit, he is accused of financing el Bronco run for governor
    Have fun Armiadillo.

  4. Anything goes in Mexico.

    1. 6:51 the abuse of power,
      comes down from the powerful always.
      Hey! There is justice sometimes, late too,
      "white supremacist John William King has been executed by the state of Tejas, 20 years after he killed James Byrd Jr by dragging him from a chain with his truck because he was black"


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