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Monday, April 8, 2019

Narcos Burn Alive a Taxista In Veracruz

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: LaOpinion

VIDEO: Narcos burn live taxi driver in Veracruz, Mexico
It is suspected that he was a victim of the "Grupo Sombra" that operates in the town where the crime occurred.

In the state of Veracruz , in Mexico , a taxi driver suffered a terrible death after being burned alive inside his own car, after unknown subjects intercepted him to shoot him several times and then finish him off by setting fire to the unit where he worked. It is believed that he may have been a victim of the " Grupo Sombra ", criminals related to drug trafficking that operate in the area.

People who knew the victim point out that the man, who was identified as " El Hercules ", was traveling aboard the sedan-type rental vehicle as he used for work, on a state highway when the assailants surprised him. Without hesitation, the guys who were traveling aboard another unit and who were armed with their teeth, shot him.

In social networks there is a video of a taxi burning in which one can hear honking, it is speculated that the aggressors are drug traffickers operating in that area. Witnesses fled to take refuge.

Then the assassins got out of their vehicle, sprayed the taxi with gasoline and finally set it on fire while the victim was still alive inside the unit despite having received the bullet wounds.
                                                                   "Grupo Sombra"
Through a video that circulates on social networks is evidence of the cruelty with which these subjects to drug trafficking groups operate, because it is seen how the car is consumed by the flames.

In one of the videos that circulates on social networks we can hear how the horn sounds as the taxi catches fire and witnesses decide to take refuge in such acts of cruelty.

Although elements of different corporations moved to the point after receiving the report of what happened, nothing could be done either by man or by the car because both were burned . After extinguishing the flames , the place was cordoned off by the corresponding authorities who after raising the evidence of what happened, removed what was left of the body and the taxi.

According to newspaper reports, the municipality of Naranjos in Veracruz , where this crime occurred, operates mainly the " Grupo Sombra ", which disputes the territory with the Cartel of Jalisco Nueva Generaci贸n ( CJNG ) and Los Zetas .

Through a video that circulates on social networks is evidence of the cruelty with which these subjects of drug trafficking groups operate, because it is seen how the car is consumed by the flames, with the gunshot victim still inside his vehicle.

And it is precisely in this town authorities also reported the discovery of a man dismembered and next to the remains, a narcomensaje "signed" by criminals who identified themselves as " Grupo Sombra " .


  1. Yaqui is collecting nity grtty articles, that make your hair stand. Get one with the sacarios shooting up, Fox's mansion.

    1. Fox Mansion, has no security no more, thanks to AMLO, it's open season on ex president s homes.

  2. Shadow Group doesn’t fuck around. I’ve seen a few of their execution videos, and damn their horrendous. And if you look up their mantas they make them all very professional looking. With an actual mascot of one of their members, like he’s the poster child for their cartel. - Sol Prendido

  3. ISIS-level barbarity

  4. Why is everyone and their dog fighting over Veracruz nowdays? It's not like it's an important border plaza or anything. Is it the port or the oil?

    1. A port for shipping to Europe and lucrative plazas. It's a relatively wealthy state.

    2. 11:52 heating up the plaza to make the people tired of Morena governor Cuitlahuac Garcia and pave the return of El PRI to power, MURDERING worked to get la Mula Bronca elected governess of monterrey and bring EPN back with El PRI with their promises,
      but it all just got worse.

  5. Who do they belong with ? Cartel del golfo or zetas or a new cartel? Any one ?

    1. They were created to combat the Zetas. Gulf sponsored their rise.
      - Sol Prendido

  6. Wow, what low life's...pray pra for Mexico

  7. The police arrived immediately,
    as soon as they changed back into their police uniforms, they certainly never heard of no grupo sombra, there used to be "La Sombra De Chicago" y La Guerita CocaCola

  8. Everybody should leave the town to the sicarios and start walking to the US

  9. 9:32 that is the greatest idea anybody has had in a long time.
    Better start walking to the US before they close the ports and erect a wall because not much gets erected anymore.
    Walking on water will be harder, specially if you are not European or a billionaire Chinese or bone saw Saudi buying million dollar apartments for a visa passport green card.

  10. Taxi cooperatives tend to take care of business too,
    not just the narcos.


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