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Friday, April 26, 2019

Monterrey N.L: Young man executed with narco message.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from VXT

With one bullet a young man was executed on Thursday afternoon on the streets of Colonia Laderas del Mirador, south of Monterrey, where in addition those responsible before fleeing left a "narco message”.

The execution was committed around 1:39 p.m., on the streets of Francisco Naranjo Cruz with Tunisia, in the aforementioned sector.

Although the paramedics of the Mexican Red Cross arrived at the place, they could not do anything for the affected person, who did not show vital signs.

In the same place of events, the victim was identified as Jonathan Olivares Macias, who was 25 years old and whose home was a few meters from the scene.

After the death of the man was confirmed, the area of ​​the events was guarded by members of the state police, then the personnel of the State Investigation Agency took charge.

Olivares Macías had a bullet in his neck, which caused his death in the same place where he was attacked.

In the area of ​​the events were found three bullet casings of a short weapon, were gathered after the review that was made in the area

Within the investigations of the police and by some witnesses accounts the aggressors were two people, who were traveling in a brown vehicle.

Once the presumed perps committed the facts, they fled in the direction of Lázaro Cárdenas Avenue.

The personnel of the Institute of Criminalistics and Expert Services of the Attorney General of Justice of Nuevo Leon, reviewed the body of the young man executed, as well as the area of ​​the facts and gathered the bullet casings.

After the person's body was secured, they took him in the Forensic Medical Service Unit to the Amphitheater of the University Hospital for the corresponding autopsy, more than an hour after the events.

The police officers also interviewed the relatives of the deceased, to determine their activities and establish if they had received any threat.

The message written on a phosphorescent orange card, was not signed by any criminal group, and was retrieved by the authorities.

Several people came to see what happened.

Manta reads as follows:

This will happen to all those grasshoppers who work for Fuerza Civil. We’re coming at you with everything!


  1. Now the Fuerza Civil has to avenge their comrade, before the Chayotero press start accusing AMLO of insensitive incompetence, they should know who their rivals and their leaders are, my guess is some rival police organization like the Estatales.

  2. Mantas have become popular among criminals lately. Wondering if recruits were contracted to literally make them. We all know that the majority of these individuals are illiterate.

    1. 7:40 they are taking applications,
      membership in a cartel is not required right now,
      get in before they get wise...
      You can apply on the internet, Google their Website.
      In San Luis Potosi state police academy they used to require Zeta Sponsorship when Enrique Francisco Galindo Ceballos was commissioner of SSP del estado, he got kicked out when he failed the examinations by Manelich castilla craviotto, later EPN hired his putas nalgas to direct the federal police, went and did the Tanhuato mass murder later determined to be a crime of state, and had to resign... SLP governor wants to make him SSP diretor again, but la kika wants to be a FEDERAL SENATOR PRIISTA, after Tanhuato?
      Este pinche Mundo vale pura verga. really, I mean it

    2. So the politicians are illiterates because they’re the ones calling shots

    3. 9:47 la kika Galindo has an uncle with magic powers.
      Writer Julio Ceballos, formerly a detective, "with over 500 cases solved", a sicoanalista, novelista, uentschiles who got arrested with drugs, trafficking weapons with zetas who was born a zeta like la kika Ceballos a lawyer graduated from University of San Luis Potosi where he was a porro... They are NOT illiterate.
      Like many Russian Puppets and spies in US government who have surre dered to Russian dollars and Rubles, they have just sold their hearts and minds and souls to other interests...

  3. La Nueva Academia de Fuerza Civil is supposed to support the Guardia Nacional at a local municipal level is hiring. Cadets should be kept in barracks and never be alone on the streets.
    In San Luis Potosi (zetas) and Veracruz, the government use the academies of police as BTK DENS OF TORTURE AND MURDER, the Chilean Air Force and carabineros and the ESMAR in Argentina were real famous for their murders and tortures, along with their generals admirals, polesias and detectives. Admiral Emilio Eduardo massera used the money he extorted to supplement the money his Montoneros guerrilla was kicking back to him, boooy he looked so smart and good looking in his armada uniforms, but if he didn't buy his vedettes apartments and furs and money and jewelry, nobody would have forked ass to him.

  4. El Bronco has been misbehaving, his Fuerza civil has not been approved by the criminals that helped elect his ass governor and former satraps that are not going to give him a chance. Kissing rodrigo medina's ass is not working, he said he was going to lock medina and his rat daddy up, instead he ran against MORENA just to help el PRI, pinchi pendejo.


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