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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Minatitlán, Veracruz: More than 500 Business Close due to Insecurity

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Informador
The governor of Veracruz Cuitláhuac García Jimenez reported that due to the insecurity in Minatitlán Veracruz, more than 500 businesses have closed.

The state leader explained that during the regional security roundtable with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) the strategies against violence applied in the region were reviewed.

Upon arrival at the Minatitlán airport, the President was received with security requirements provided by citizens of this municipality. Inhabitants displayed a banner that read "Minatitlán demands: Security, Justice, Peace, Commitment. Not one more, no more, enough, Mr. President."

The president of the Regional Council for Security and Citizen Participation, Luis Alberto Sánchez López, announced that this organization gave him a sheet of seven points. Among the requests are the clarification of the murder of 13 people, including a minor, last Good Friday at La Potre restaurant.

They also demand and end to and clarification of all homicides, disappearances, feminicides, kidnappings, robberies, extortions, among other crimes.

                               1,050 National Guard Elements arrived in the region yesterday

They also urged the economic reactivation of the southern zone of Veracruz, by the federal government, as they assured that the economy has decreased 70%, given the lack of jobs, the closing of shops and the absence of public and private investments.

In this context, they also demanded the reactivation of the Lázaro Cárdenas refinery and the Cosoleacaque Petrochemical complex, which were sources of well-paid employment, among other requests.

Yesterday, 1, 050 elements of the National Guard were deployed in Minatitlán , in addition to 400 elements of state forces for the Coatzacoalcos , Minatitlán and Cosoleacaque regions .
Meanwhile PorEsto is reporting thus:

The Governor of Veracruz, Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, assured the people present in front of the President of the Republic that in Veracruz because of the situation of violence is not overflowing because of the murderers of 13 people who were in a party hall in Minatitlan .

He said that Veracruz is working on public safety and the evaluation meetings of each region are held to detect the focus points that have to be attended to.

"It is false that in Veracruz the situation is uncontrollable, yes, there are events that we regret terribly,  but we are going to correct them and we are going to find the culprits of the situations that have occurred lately," he said.

However, he did acknowledged that the product of insecurity in Minatitlán has closed more than 500 businesses.

 President Lopez Obrador celebrated the arrival of the National Guard in Veracruz and said that in an economic effort 160 new patrols were acquired, which will be available to the National Guard. 

Previously, in an interview, Cuitláhuac García announced that he has identified the assassins who murdered 13 people of one family inside the La Potra restaurant.
He explained that there have been a couple of arrests of people who were linked to this armed commando, which are providing important data for the investigation. 

The state official said that operations are being implemented in Minatitlán, reinforced by federal forces. "The commitment of the President (Andrés Manuel) López Obrador as that of a server is that we will find those responsible regardless of what the State Attorney's Office does."

More investments for industry and the field:

The state governor indicated that not only the operation of the National Guard will achieve the pacification of the State, they have to go thoroughly  to the origins and recover the jobs. 

Heralded was the reactivation of several oil projects in which 3 Billion pesos will be invested and the rehabilitation of some facilities, with a budget of 21 Billion pesos. 

In the State of Veracruz, it is expected to start 34 new projects in the coming months with an investment amount of 15 Billion pesos.

With this, said Gov Garcia Jimenez, will begin to end decades of neglect of some regions of the State.

Note: Veracruz is not only Mexico's oil rich state, with the home of Pemex, by has most of the refineries and industrial and shipping facilities on the Gulf of Mexico side of the country.


  1. Irregardless of what the Veracruz State's Attorney General does... Meaning the AG does nothing and probably is behind some state sponsored terrorist attacks. Et your ass arresting jorge Winckler will diminish the crime rates.

    1. Don Pancho Madero dismissed the revolutionary armies that got him victory over the federal porfirista armies when he became the presidente... He paid for it with his ass... AMLO is doing the same mistake, Salvador Allende did the same mistake, I would dismiss the army and raise the AutoDefensas, supervised by army or police that passes their trustworthiness examinations. Not by any giniral that got there by being a trusted associate of SEDENA narcos and mass murderers... Fidel Castro was no pendejo, he had no delusions about the batista army he defeated with help of his unpaid guerrillas and Cuban volunteers... I do not advocate for communists or their communist propaganda, you are all free to drink your own brand of tea or kool-aid, but get to THE FACTS.

    2. Arrest State AG Jorge Winckler and all his front line, then the secondary and the bench, they will confess their crimes as soon as they see the chicharras and the cattle prods and the skeletons of some of their victims, and the crocodiles in the State Police Academy... At least experiment with them chingadamadre!

    3. That senora in the red skirt looks to be 4 ft tall, and thicker than a barrel, but who the fack wears expensive "tactical cammo" and puts an orange vest on top of it to make sure he is seen? Very professional looking guarida Nazional, 6 ft tall and all.

  2. Nothing new cjng forces legit vendors to close down

  3. The national guard will be. Looking for narcos, zetas, CJNG, jaliskas and CDS, but the worst criminals have been fidel Herrera beltran, Z1#2 and Javier "la Marrana" Duarte de Ochoa, with Secretary of public security of the state of Veracruz Arturo bermudez Zurita heading the kidnapping, extortion, torture and murdering and God knows what else, cohed with his unexplainable enrichment...let us not fall into the Guardia Nacional game of hacerse pendejos looking for the nickel and dime pushers or the revenge cartel Murdrring, when the big fat fish is there ripe for harvest with pockets full of I'll gotten money.

  4. Dont worry citizens of Veracruz. We will be arriving shortly . When you see men parachuting in your city its Gente Nueva Special Forces operatives starting la limpia of the bad hombres. We have been training with a Liuetenent Colonel of the 101st Airborne Division . Another team of Los Demonios Combat Application Group will be arriving in a convoy of matte black fully armored Hummers .We estimate 3 weeks for the cleansing of all contras

    1. Cool story bro tell it again

    2. Sick Ario oo6, you have effectively murdered the opposition.
      Congratlations, may your guns never jam or get out of ammo.

    3. Sicario006. Hurry up with those fries 🍟
      Drive thru is backing up 😂

  5. Meanwhile, on the low down, the governor is accepting generous bribes and expensive gifts from any cartel that wishes to use his state as a sanctuary

    1. 8:53 Veracruz governor Cuitlahuac Garcia, an oil engineer, needs no kickbacks from pinchis maruchaneros, he will get more Money if he is honest and makes presidente. It would not be strange if the Guardia Nacional "Is the One" heating up the plaza to help The Citizens scream for federal help and some Guardia Nacional, Mando Unico was doing the same politics Ranchera shit until the end of EPN regime.

  6. Over the last forty years it seems as though safety priorities are warped. For example this crisis in Minititlan stirs up modest interest in los camaras in cd Mex. But if far less violence than this causes an uproar in Cancun, Los Cabos, or Puerto Vallarta then the full weight of la republica swiftly descends and then fresh meat as well as old bones are stirred up in the outrage.
    North of the rio bravo it would be unthinkable that reaction to mass violence would be treated lightly in Marfa Texas or Ennis Montana than in Anaheim or Orlando. It is glaring and inexcusable. As a Mexicano it outrages me, and even in Michoacan where a moderately strong tourism economy exists it pales in comparison to the aforementioned tourism resort areas and in turn violence in Tabasco and Guerrero are ignored except when mayor outrages like Ayotzinapa or Aguas Blancas occur.
    The very fact that gobernacion does not recognize the fact that la gente is acutely aware of inequality and resents the hell out of it is testimony to this.

  7. I feel so sorry for Mexico, unlike what is happening the US, your new president will not be able to solve any of your big problems especially in dealing with the cartels.

    1. Sad to say but its not America's problem. If citizens can't stand up then so be it. Border security is America's problem.
      Close the border already and see how quick shit hits the fan for those elite families who have a lot to loose.
      Adjustments in American way of life from Mexican products can be made. It's not a life or death situation for the US like Mexico.

    2. If Mexico does not pay its loans interests on Time, the US will get facked up real quick... Watch your snouts.

    3. 11:47 36 billion the US invested on the so-called "war ON drugs" in Mexico during FECAL/EPN regimes say there IS a US problem somewhere, both before and after, like an effect and a cause paradigm noody wants to acknowledge now...


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