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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Mexico State Former Mayor of Chalco is Found Dead

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat

Former mayor of Chalco is found dead by a dirt road.

Juan Manuel Carbajal Hernández, former mayor of Chalco, was found dead on the 53.5 kilometer of the Mexico – Cuatla road. Authorities arrived at a point known as árboles de Navida confirmed the body belonged to 55 year old Carbajal Hernández. The body presented a gun shot wound to the head.
According to reports the former mayor was kidnapped by armed civilians from his ranch in Tlalmanalco Wednesday night.

Personnel from the Attorney General’s Office arrived at the place to carry out the lifting of the body and initiate the corresponding investigation.


  1. Why shoot the guy, if he was not in government no more? Perhaps for target practice.

  2. Probably old wounds that got him killed.

  3. All Mexican people should be allowed to have guns. The punks won't be so bold when people are no longer defenseless.Pass them out b4 elections instead of free tvs to get votes.Once scores are settled it will be safer.

    1. They are allowed to have guns, art. 10 of the Constitution; but just inside their homes.

    2. Yes we see how well this works in the states.
      How many pupils got killed this week when going to school.
      For some people the intellectual horizon is a disc with a radius of zero!

    3. I never thought I would agree with this, but I do. Wolves are taking over the world. I'm sick of hearing about helpless people being extorted, raped, kidnapped. The right to bear arms is going to level the playing field.

    4. Yea Mexico needs more gun rights for ordinary folks.

    5. 10:58 in some mexican localities people hang mantas and cartulinas or cartelitos that read:
      "al que ande de mamon se lo va a llevar la verga" or:
      "se lo va a llevar su pinche madre" or:
      "Al que la ande cagando o se mie aqui se le va a partir su madre"
      It usually takes catching one guy and lynching him to impress some decency in the collective, and hardly a repeat offender.
      Mozilla Images may have the best examples.

  4. I saw a news article on him a couple of weeks ago on Mexican TV that showed a group of people in Chalco protesting mismanagement of funds. Apparently a few citizens took the law into their own hands. Broken system.

  5. Probably stole from the people as 85% of mexican mayors do

    1. 3:40 hay Quir, entrarle al moche con el entre, es requisito para vivir, the mayors know before they run for elected office,
      By then they are old goats and have their own extorters in place and working the plaza full steam. Ask Ricky Monrial or moreira or Yarrington or EPN.

  6. Mexicans desperately need gun laws just like USA. Although I am not supporting gun law in general, but considering the situation in Mexico & other latin countries its utmost needed for the safety of public. Gun for citizens is most needed when law making authorities fails miserably to safeguard general public.


  7. 7:45 people get killed like this before they talk, by their own partners in crime, specially when there is lost money.
    When wrongdoing can be proven they get arrested and very few get killed for being honest Boy Scouts, even while in office.


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