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Friday, April 12, 2019

"Los Mexicles" Recruiting Migrants in Cd Juarez

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Televisa

In Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, an Ecuadorian and four undocumented Central Americans with firearms and 300 doses of methamphetamine and marijuana were detained by the municipal police. The capture occurred during surveillance patrols in the Colonia Riberas del Bravo Etapa Siete.

Five detainees with two weapons and various amounts of drugs, among which was an Ecuadorian and another person whose origin country is still in question, ie it is not known if he/she is Honduran or , perhaps,  Cuban. Two short weapons, two revolver and several amounts of drugs were secured,  "said Ricardo Realivázquez, Secretary of Public Security of Ciudad Juárez.

According to the authorities, the five migrants were recruited by Jesús Esteban, identified as the leader of a cell of the "Los Mexicles" gang, who sent them out to deliver  drugs to different homes in the northeast area of ​​the city.

Two of the migrants had just reached the city with the intention of crossing into the United States. Another of the detainees had already obtained a false driver's license.

                         "Los Mexicles" use them as cannon fodder to commit their misdeeds
                      Photo: Cuban migrants in Chihuahua shelter, March 23, 2019, Chihuahua

"We are on alert to be aware that these situations do not occur, in this migration crisis this is the first time we have detected this problem.  These two we found already had a previous record of two administrative faults , but they were very minor infractions but this time we caught them with weapons and  carrying drugs, "added Ricardo Realivázquez, Sec of Public Security of Cd Juárez.

More By: Héctor Tovar / EL MEXICANO DE JUÁREZ
  Central American, African and Cuban migrants hope for a chance to cross through to the US

The lack of opportunities and employment for migrants has become a little more serious in Ciudad Juárez, when a Cuban and an Ecuadorian were arrested who worked for the criminal cell of "Los Mexicles"; they had just been recruited for the sale of drugs. 

The above was confirmed by the same Municipal Public Security Secretary, Ricardo Realyvázquez Domínguez, who indicated that the arrest took place in the Riberas del Bravo subdivision and that it is the first recorded case of migrants involved in criminal cells.

The events occurred on the streets Ribera de Ensenada and Siglo XXI, in the aforementioned subdivision, when the five subjects traveled aboard a sand colored Chevrolet Trailblazer-type truck.

Adolfo Castro, first visitor of the State Commission of Human Rights and Isabel Sánchez Quirarte, in charge of the Bureau of Security and Citizen Justice, spoke in recent days of the great possibility that some undocumented persons could be recruited by the narcos, this after to know that several Cubans had decided to prostitute themselves in the downtown area.

The two detained migrants were identified as: Jefferson Paul CQ, 25 years old and Carlos Iván SV, 35 years old,  were surprised with three other men in possession of two 357 and 38 special revolver firearms, as well as 50 useful cartridges caliber 38, 42 cartridges caliber 40 millimeters, 14 wrappings of ice or crystal,  800 doses approximately, in addition to 78 cans of marijuana and 10 bags of the same enervent in greña with an approximate weight of 4 kilograms.

In their statement, the illegals argued that one of them is from Ecuador and the other from Cuba, and that they had been hired hours before to work with "Los Mexicles", in the distribution of crystal meth.

The other subjects were identified as: Israel TR, 32 years old, Jesús Esteban SM, 32 years old and José Antonio RM, 25 years old, who were placed at the disposal of the corresponding authorities to determine their responsibility for the crime of drug trafficking and carrying a firearm.
It should be noted that the gang "The Mexicles" were the old allies of the "Artistas Assassinos" , at the service of the Sinaloa Cartel and today they dispute the sale of methamphetamine to the southeast of the city, by allying the former to "La Linea".

The five detainees, weapons and drugs were placed at the disposal of the authorities to initiate investigations.                                                      Above Right Photo:  "Los Mexicles VS Los Artistas"


  1. Weren't some Cubans kidnapped people in eastern Mexico?

  2. Drug trafficking does not discriminate color or race.
    With the hopes of asylum dwindling by the days. Necessities require to deal the hand that was given. Added with ones moral issues.

    A conflict of interest I'm sure.

  3. La foto #4: “Recarga Aquí”. Pos ahuevo, eso que ni que. - Sol Prendido

  4. It is a mess in Juarez. Fuckin Artistas Asesinos still follow CDS while a section of Aztecas splintered and follow La Linea and another possibly their own crew. Yes Mexicles joined La Linea because Sinaloa and Artistas and even Aztecas where exterminating them. It is still a bloodbath where there is no clear winner yet although CDS itself has lost plenty influence mainly allowing Artistas to fight on their behalf and flooding the city with fuckin meth.
    Wish all this bullshit that fuckin Chaputo began ceased.

  5. Thanks Yaqui: This kind of story undermines the Central American Caravana as made-up people seeking a "better life" in the USA. As Trump often says, "....some of them are really bad people." I guess so.

    Those of us who follow border issues have long known that criminal organizations (narco-cartels, etc) are an integral part of illegal immigration and drug smuggling such as as revealed in the article. However, we seldom see actual stories with real people that confirm these connections.
    IMO: At this time, the political implications of this relatively "minor" story are great for both Mexico and the USA. I see this story as a "tip of the iceberg" incident; and, I sure would like to know the "size of the iceberg". Does anyone reading this care to venture opinions on this question?

    1. Yep, agreed. That is why I posted it. Imagine what we don't know, ugh.

    2. Can't compare apples to oranges.
      There are many good people who are trying to achieve a better life. Majority of these individuals are good. I believe only a small percentage of these individuals are bad. Like any other group of people trying to enter into the US.
      To imply the neccessary measures of security due to those small bad people is unjustified.

  6. Everyone want to be a gangter

    1. Rather, a drug dealer.
      This glorification of narco bling has cultivated an era of ignorance.

    2. 11:14 caravan members just want to live a better life,
      and where else better than on the US?
      Gangbangers, pimps, and coyotes, are something else.

  7. Beautiful leg show, one thing they don't have is hunger, but in a year it will be all about the tires, meanwhile they will be stealing 1st Armored Division hearts from Fort Bliss in El Paso, marrying rich, and some will get killed to avoid introducing them to the family.

  8. Anyone know what’s going on in Juarez? There’s been a rise in homicides these couple of months

    1. Another record high for homicides for the lucrative drug trafficking business. All thanks to American consumption.

    2. Time for the US to legalize drugs and by doing so it will decapitate all these drug cartels.

    3. @ 8:26
      And continue to enrich those Big pharmaceutical companies and ally politicians.
      What would Mexico become without drug manufacturing and drug trafficking?


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