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Friday, April 19, 2019

Los Guerrilleros (The Guerrilla Fighters), new cartel leaves narco manta in Chilpancingo

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from VXT

Chilpancingo.- The afternoon of Thursday a male was found dead inside a house located on the street Durango of the colony Lomas de Xocomulco in Chilpancingo.

The report to 911 was received around five in the afternoon. Police corporations moved to the place where they confirmed the report.

Inside the house, a lifeless young man was tied up from both his feet and head with tan tape, face down.

He was dressed in red shorts and a gray shirt, barefoot.

According to information from personnel of the state attorney's office, the deceased had already been dead two to three days inside the house.

Next page contains graphic photos

Experts from the state attorney's office, carried out the corresponding proceedings. The deceased was reported to be Luis Alberto, from the neighborhood of San Mateo in Chilpancingo was sent to the forensic medical service.

Due to these facts, the state attorney general's office opened an investigation folder.

Acapulco.- A doctor from a similar pharmacy was shot and wounded on Costera Avenue, during the holiday season in Acapulco.

The assault was reported to the authorities at 4:30 in the afternoon at Juan de La Cosa Street, one block from a shopping center in the Magallanes district.

The man was attacked with a firearm outside the pharmacy, he was helped by doctors from Red Cross and transferred to a nearby hospital.

The doctor was identified as Angel "N" was lying face up at the entrance to the office, in uniform.

The fact caused fear for the tourists who happened to be nearby , who observed the police mobilization that was generated in the zone.

Police officers of different corporations came to the place, and it was reported that two cardboard sheets with alleged messages were left next to the body.

Acapulco.- A man shot and beaten was left in the Vicente Guerrero neighborhood, located near La Cima, a few meters from the busy roadway of the Mexico-Acapulco highway.

The homicide was reported minutes before 10 am on Calle Raymundo Olivar, the police report says.

Witnesses told police that the body was thrown from a moving car. And the first versions indicate that armed men raised the victim during the early hours of the La Máquina colony.

Experts informed in a preliminary report that the man had bullets wounds, bruises and marks of torture. Next to the body was a narco message whose content is unknown.

Coyuca.- A man was shot dead on the edge of the busy Acapulco-Zihuatanejo federal highway, in the municipal capital of Coyuca de Benítez.

The crime was reported at 7:10 in the morning in front of the Las Palmeras bar, indicates the report of the Ministerial Police.

Witnesses told the Municipal Police that an armed man approached the victim and without a word shot him in the head.

Experts from the Acapulco Regional Prosecutor's Office found  bullet casings of a .38 millimeter caliber weapon.

Relatives of the victim removed the body of the man identified as José Omar, 42 years old.

Atoyac.- Two men bound and shot to death were located this morning at the edge of the road, in the vicinity of the community of Zacualpan, belonging to the municipality of Atoyac de Álvarez.

The finding was reported to the authorities through a call to the emergency number 911 since last night, but it was until today in the morning that the authorities went to the site, who after confirming the report, secured the area with a police cordon. 

So far the identity of the victims is unknown, whose bodies were already in the decomposition phase.

Personnel of the Office of the Prosecutor made the corresponding measures of law, ordering that both corpses be transferred to facilities of the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO) for the necropsy of the law.

Manta reads as follows:

All citizens are informed that as of today we bring the order to clean the municipality of Ayutla. From now on we are going to circulate 24 hours a day. In order to fuck up these fee collectors,  kidnappers, rapists, extortionists and thieves. We do not come to mess with the citizens. Let that be clear. We’ve only come to put things in order. So that people are free of the shit mentioned. The cleansing has already started. Here is the garbage.

Sincerely, Los Guerrilleros (The Warriors)


  1. Holy shit they are really illiterate scum. My dog can write better spanish than these lacras. Btw guerrillero is guerrilla fighter. Guerrero is warrior.

    1. Thanks for the clarification. So, I guess it would be the Guerrilla Fighters then. Sometimes I actually forget my languages. - Sol Prendido

    2. Actually my 6 year old can write better, than that.

    3. Sol, thanks for translating. You're one of my favorites here.

      LOL 1233, about your dog.

      Dr. K

    4. Hey Dr. K! It’s always good to see you. - Sol Prendido

  2. Wow a new 'cartel' All 3 of them. Now they can kill innocent people without guns. Real bad asses

  3. Another Cape crusader cartel stipulating that the cleansing has begun.


  4. Warriors. Lol come out and play.

  5. Oh good! More people cleaning the streets of Mexico! While they are at it, maybe they could start a trend of picking up garbage, adopt a highway, plant a tree for every body they dispose of, donate to local churches and homeless shelters... so tired of these people portraying themselves as "for the people"! What a load of crap!

  6. Is this some kinda ritual to pill their pants down? Ive seen this a lot. Pleaee some one explain this acts of pulling pants down and show the we we.

    1. Ppl or should i say corpses pants tend to fall dwn after so much dragging

    2. 7:48 When you see rituals all over the place,
      it is time to go home, and quit drinking buddy...

  7. I am eager to see a manta being dropped by someone trolling these so called cleaning gangs. I am wondering do people believe these cleaning gangs as saviour ? Even insane and mentally ill persons won’t believe these proclamation of crime cleansing.


    1. 11:59 Animals can't save anybody, they could do citizen arrests and deliver the perps and their confessions to the police, maybe save the killing for the next time, but nooo, they are animals.

    2. The "Will of the People" will ultimately prevail - NOT the government, not the drug will happen when the vast majority of the Mexican people say "enough is enough"...that is when the true violence will begin...


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