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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Jalisco: Of 7 bodies, 6 were bagged

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat From ReynosaCodigoRojo

In the course of the dawn and towards the morning of this Thursday the corpses of seven people in different operations were found, three of them in El Salto, according to reports of municipal authorities.

The first discovery occurred shortly after two o'clock in the morning, after a call to 911, where a person was reported lying on Porres Baranda street, between Esteban Alatorre and Federación, in the Blanco and Cuellar neighborhood.

Officers found a man lying on his side. At first glance, injuries by hard objects were recognized. Paramedics who arrived at the site found that he was already dead; Apparently they had left him in that place a couple of hours before.

Shortly after six o'clock in the morning, a bag was reported on Independencia Street, in the Jardines del Castillo subdivision, in El Salto, which confirmed that it was the body of a person from whom no cause of death was determined.

And soon after, officers from the police station went to the intersection of Francisco I. Madero and Las Vías, in San José del Castillo, where they located two other corpses wrapped in black bags.

Also at six in the morning, two suspected packages were reported at the intersection of Poza Rica and Azcapotzalco streets, in the San Pedrito neighborhood, in San Pedro Tlaquepaque. Upon the arrival of the authorities they checked inside the bags and found that they were two people, apparently a man and a woman.
Finally, at 09:30, units of the Tonalá Police went to the crossing of Camino al Pantheon and Mezcal, in the El Ahuatán neighborhood. In the site they located the corpse of a person, who was handcuffed and decapitated. The Forensic Medical Service and the Prosecutor's Office were notified to collect the body and evidence of the incident.


  1. And AMLO still refuses to accept the increase of violence.
    Stipulating "fall in line or else" to all those cartels rather than the dead speaking (Mayo) is what he should be addressing. Not poetic retoric.
    Along with the release of criminals due to inconsistencies by corrupt judges like El Tiki torch.

    Your contributions are well noted Sol.


    1. Thank you E42. It’s always good to hear from you. Thank you just as well to Phelpso, GrandeRojo, Mn, Dr K, Yaqui, Chivis, El Martillo, El Flama Blanca, El Botas Nike, Chema, El Cabron de Tamaulipas (donde andas playboy?) and past and present readers and commenters. Thank you all for your words. Wether we agree or not still helps in some way just to learn from everyone.
      - Sol Prendido

    2. W42 how come you are always attacking AMLO?
      As the presidente, he does not solve crimes, or prevent them, that is the job of possible victims, local and state police, detectives, even polesia federal, and when nothing works you bring your tears to the president, AMLO will gladly receive them and cry with you, then make. Reccomeds to the directorate of the Polesia nazional or the national guard that are trying to esta lish themselves as the police body to go to kick the other polesias out of the way, because there can be only one KGB anywhere at a time.
      Meanwhile enjoy the erotic poetry. But don't try to make me come with your pinches mamadas, grow up guey.

    3. AMLO needs to put his foot down already. Maybe by cleaning house with all those inept officials.
      I truly believed in him in the beginning. Probably spellbound by his words of change. However, its been disappointing to see his lack of efforts of reforming the criminal justice system. Along with the pardon given to a well known political figure for stealing from its citizens. A gift many would say for her campaign contributions. Tell me; What example was displayed by doing such?
      This continuous release of such criminals by these corrupt officials is totally unacceptable
      He has the authority to do what's necessary to assist these poor citizens in every way possible. Yet he has shown otherwise. Many have compared him to Nelson Mandela with his compassion and patience that overcomes violence with love. A gentleman indeed. However, this behavior does not enforce rule of law.
      A necessity for any country to align itself with what's right.
      I truly believed in him. Maybe because of the suffering of so many in Mexico.
      These criminals no nothing more than to steal, kidnap, extort and murder. There's no Rehabilitation for such scum. The country needs a bright future ahead. I am not referring to political correctness for the benefit of other countries. But for oneself.

      Its just so disappointing to see this continuous disarray and disregard to humanity continue.

      No country is pristine or immune from unfairness and equality. However, security should be a given right for all its citizens.

      As the top man in power I expect much more.


    4. I’m with you E42 !
      Fuxk AMLO bull$hit statists about death toll going down!!!

    5. Difference in opinions should not be condemned. Rather, expressed to obtain a common factor for resolution and analysis.
      Wishing everyone well and good spirits.

      Keep doing good and keep your nose clean always.


    6. La Chaky was released by judges when EPN was still Presidente,
      she helped AMLO with his political campaign behind everybody's backs, I think AMLO is making deals with the devil, but sometimes you need to leave some deals with the devil for another day, it did not help the PRD being so pure when CARDENAS or AMLO, lost 2 times each their presidential elections to PRI hacking and hijacking shenanigans. The Teachers' Union could help make it up to themselves. AMLO alone will not get instant results ever, revolutions have never had success in 4 months even if they got triumphant victory overnight.
      Up to now, communist propaganda against AMLO has been recklessly demanding instant success on behalf of Chayoteros and their puppeteers, and it works wonders in the feeble minded, I hope the campaign gets worse before it gets better, beware when you pick sides, AMLO is there every morning at 7.00 am to listen to your complaints in his mananeras, where Jorge Ramos confused them with his mananas chaqueteras...somebody is paying jorge good money to pull his trademark pranks, but he can't pull the wool over everybody's eyes all time.

  2. More than likely some CJNG cartel members. They seem to be taking hits from all sides as of lately and have no control over the two states they claim as their home base, Jalisco and Michoacan.

  3. Just be patient everything will be ok in 5 years

  4. Once EPN left the Media had an epiphany and started reporting all of the murders what a coincidence ����������

    1. 8:36 you have discovered THE PHENOMENA!
      Let's make like a movie.

  5. AMLO is senile and poetic.

    1. 7:00 EPN was young,
      he fucked everything worse
      like nobody ever did
      like a pathetic moron,
      you never complained.

    2. Be careful there are many on here who will disagree.
      As the Top Dog in Mexico he has yet to show enforcement. Guess poetic enchantment has a soft spot for many.

    3. He is also blind as a bat .

    4. He is another puppet

    5. 11:05 i have never listened to AMLO POETRY,
      it may exist, but I don't care about that.
      I have seen him traveling commercial airlines and his old shoes,
      I have seen him walking on the street with the people that believe in him, and I have seen fucking up his mission too, UT I reserve judgment until at least a year has passed, because his agenda is not my agenda, or I would have sent a few thousand motherfackers to the firing squad if I was on his place, just for suspicions.

  6. Guess they ran short on"hefty bags"on the 7th victim! These lowlife narcos are a bunch of bottom feeding scum bags!😠

  7. 7:00, yeh, you have problem,
    he will get you in the mood with poetry,
    And then leave you there panting for the rest of the story...
    Take viagra just in case.


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