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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Jalisco: Kidnappers cut fingers to 5 young people then released them

Stevecpta Borderland Beat from PorEsto! and Universal

GUADALAJARA, Jalisco, April 16  .- After kidnapping  five young men and keeping them hostage,  a criminal group that operates in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone, cut off an index finger of each of the victims then set them free.

The State Prosecutor's Office located the whereabouts of the young people when they went to the Old Civil Hospital on Monday to receive medical attention; there they took the testimony of the victims, who said that they were deprived of their liberty by a group of armed and hooded individuals.

According to the story of those affected, on April 10 they were inside a house located in the Los Encinos subdivision, in Tlajomulco, when an armed group broke into the building and took them all by force.

The young people, who are between 18 and 25 years old, pointed out to the ministerial agents that before taking them, they tied their hands and blindfolded them, so they do not know where they were during the 5 days that their captors held them.

Yesterday, the kidnappers cut off an index finger of each one and then released them in the La Concha subdivision in Tlajomulco. When they were released, the five of them took a taxi to their homes, then they went to the Civil Hospital of Guadalajara.


  1. sending a message to finger pointers

  2. mencho losing more people to Cholo in Guadalajara.

  3. I almost died laughing when I read the part where it said they "pointed out" to the ministerial agents..😄😄😄😄

  4. Let's exact revenge catch the criminal group, have the town's people with heads covered and cut thier fingers. And see how they like it.

  5. Must be wacist white folks.
    just ask jussie.

    1. Its Jessie. Like Chris Rock said he lost that privilege for his stupidity.

    2. 7:29 Let's make an example of one stupid motherfacker,
      --but it will not fix the fact that police officers all over the US have been murdering innocent unarmed people because they could and had impunity in their pocket along with the benefit of the doubt BS...

  6. Truly doubt these criminals just took innocent civilians just to do these horrible things. Something more to this story is unclear. Whether these individuals were involved in some way to drug distribution or by means of association.
    There's more going on here than just bad luck.

  7. You cut my finger, I will cut your finger.

  8. Punishment for fingering someone to the law?

  9. No, young potential Sicarios sold out. They cut off their trigger fingers.


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