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Monday, April 8, 2019

Guerrero: Regional DIF Coordinator tortured and Killed-Godson of Governor

Armadillo Borderland Beat Jornada 

With his hands tied and a bullet in the head, the body of Salvador Rosas González, regional coordinator of the DIF in Montaña Alta de Guerrero, was found deceased.

Police sources reported that Rosas González was shot dead on Saturday night in Tlapa.

It was also said that the body of the state government official was found in the trunk of a vehicle on the Ahuatepec Pueblo highway crossing near the Juquila hotel.

During the last electoral process, Rosas González participated as a candidate for the municipal mayor of Xalpatlahuác, located in Montaña Alta, as a member of the  Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

The DIF Regional Coordinator,  was very close to the head of DIF-Guerrero, Mercedes Calvo, and her husband Governor Hector Astudillo Flores.

Reports are that he was the godson of the governor.

Note: DIF agencies provide  resources and assistance for families, both children and adults in need. The first lady of the state is in charge of the agency.


  1. So he was killed for what reason?

    1. my guess is some personal reason, the DIF doesnt deal with vasts amount of money( low funded agency).
      What they can deal with is with protecting children in "unfit" homes(think of it as child protection services) I mention it because Ive witnessed parents get violent with directors for taking their children away. from death threats to actual violence. not stating the reason, merely scratching a possibility.

    2. to add; then again, "regional director" dont really deal in the day to day with people. maybe he just fucked with the wrong dude. wrong place wrong time wrong dude.

      the shirt he is wearing is that of AMERICA soccer team, they played saturday(time of death), my guess is some random drunken homicide before/during/after the game.

      any guess is good though, its mexico(although i feel safer here than say the sketchy parts of los angeles(watts, sc, etc)
      -sherlock paisa

    3. 3:44 I'd blame his being a PRIISTA, period, full stool.
      Being a government stoolie helps too.

    4. 10:09 i have worked with DIF many times.

      The only issue I have with the agency is the same issue I have with U.S. foster care. In Mexico foster kids go to Hogars foster care group homes, but the gov fails to exclude bad people with a past as workers and operators. and it is easily identified but ignored because of the desperate need of placement.

      Sexual abuse is rampant and pregnancy. 4 of my foundation girls, all special needs living in Hogars all became pregnant. One girl Brenda was only 14, had the intelligence of an eight or nine year old. some old bastard, a friend of the hogar operators was abusing her. He is a red head---guess what color hair the baby has? DNA confirmed it, and he fled before caught. Brenda had a horrific labor and the moment she gave birth they took the baby away. she had no say so or an opportunity to say goodbye. they sterilized her after she gave birth. special needs people have little rights. in brenda's case however It was the best thing to do.

      people with special needs are supposed to be protected by DIF.

      sad af. breaks my heart. but it compels me to want to do more and do it better.

    5. Yes, there will always be evil, in my experience in the states and here in Mex in regards to the whole foster care, but we(non evilers) continue to strive for good in the region. and its a different topic of course abuse statistically happens within family.

    6. Chivis: God bless you. You are a such a deep "good" person in more respects than you know. Your account of the special needs girl touched me deeply. You are a Saint in my eyes.

  2. What is DIF? (Proper grammar requires you to display full name of organization and show acronym in parentheses immediately after the initial use of the name; allowing for sole use of acronym subsequently)

    1. open your eyes, bigger, BIGGER and read the last two sentences, (ungrateful AF you are)

    2. So you're one of THOSE people!? Have fun on this site!

    3. Easy professor. If you don't know you could look it up or there is an explanation at the end of the article. All Mexicans know and resoects DIF in Mexico. It is one government agency that is all about helping families without being influenced by corruption.

    4. I do find
      names to long
      dept of sure health
      crime against the body
      crime against health
      dept of municipal of.quintana roo
      dept.of comic.relief

  3. Sistema Nacional para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia

  4. Pretty sure someone within the family had ties to criminal activities. The majority of these incidents are criminally connected in some form or fashion.

  5. Possibly a political killing rather than one related to drug trafficking?

  6. 10.15 quen dijo nada of drug trafficking?
    No pinchis mames.
    It is like saying he got his comeuppance because he was a "liberal"

  7. he 3"3

    feet up
    trunk is open

    head cant go pass wheel compartment

    make no sense

    where the
    torso be..I'm not on acid


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