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Friday, April 12, 2019

Guerrero: 5 killed and El Fantasma leaves message with one victim

SteveCpta for Borderland Beat from VXT
Cartulina translation at bottom of post
Cerro Gordo, Taxco

Four men were shot dead at dawn on Wednesday in the community of Cerro Gordo, municipality of Taxco de Alarcón in the northern zone.

There are four men, of whom three who died at the scene, named Carlos "N", 35 years old, Víctor Manuel "N", 25 years old and Benigno "N", 35 years old, while the fourth died in a hospital in Taxco and so far is unidentified.

The events occurred around 02:00 in the morning outside a store that is located on a road that leads to Santa Rosa in the community of Cerro Gordo, municipality of Taxco de Alarcón and a few meters from the federal highway Iguala-Taxco .

After the attack elements of diverse police corporations  cordoned off the scene of the crime, where they were found several shells of diverse calibers, among them of long weapon.

Later experts of the Prosecutor's Office and agents of the Ministerial Police were in charge of carrying out the corresponding procedures, as well as the removal of the bodies by Semefo personnel.

Graphic images on following page


A man was shot to death in the early morning of Huapinoles street behind the sports club, the Sports Club Fraccionamiento.

The victim had multiple impacts of projectile of firearm in the body.  His identity is not known.  Also, a cartulina message was found where they accuse the victim of robbing OXXOs.

The incident was reported to the 911 emergency system around 12:30 am, where police corporations were deployed, they, secured the area, where experts from the Prosecutor's Office made the legal inquiries.

Cartulina reads as follows by Sol:

I’m a hitter for Fantasma/Ghost. This happened to me for being scum, for robbing OXXOS. My employer Ghost does not allow any of this bullshit here. Follow my example. Honor, Loyalty, and Justice.



  1. A Mexican wrestler fighting criminals.

    Good grief.

  2. On the cartulina are pictures (bottom right) i guess are taken from video stills possibly from cameras in stores ? Either way they ate setting themselves up as though they are doing someone a favor by killing young dudes they dont approve of ?
    Where does that end ?

  3. People could have been fed, or paid, so they would not need to steal.
    Robbing a store is not punishable with death, unless somebody got killed, now el fantasma will have to prove he did not do these murders.

  4. I thought fantasma was in altiplano... am i missing something? A new fantasma? The only fantasma i knew of was with cds


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