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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Former Leader of Honduran "Los Montes" Sentenced to 37 Years in US

El Armadillo For Borderland Beat From Univision

The capo who held the reins of the cartel known as 'Los Montes', one of the largest in Honduras and linked to other drug trafficking organizations in Mexico and Colombia, was sentenced Friday to 37 years in prison for trafficking more than a ton of cocaine to the United States.

Noé Montes Bobadilla, 35, nicknamed 'Tom', has been described as a dangerous criminal who operated his group by bribing police and government officials, while committing violent acts, including murders, according to the indictment filed in 2016 in a federal court in Virginia.

Under his command, the operators of the 'Los Montes' cartel served as intermediaries for Mexican, Colombian and Guatemalan drug traffickers. They received thousands of kilos of cocaine produced in South America and then delivered the drugs to other criminal groups that took it to the United States.

In his country, Montes Bobadilla "worked in close collaboration with other drug trafficking organizations," such as "Los Valles" and "Los Cachiros," states the federal prosecutor's office.Cocaine shipments reached their territory - the area of Francia, in the Department of Colón; and the neighboring region of La Mosquitia- in boats, planes and submarines that departed from Colombia."Each shipment generally carried hundreds of, if not more than a thousand, kilograms of cocaine." said the Department of Justice.

Local media says he is the brother of the late Adam Montes Bobadilla who led the Honduran "Cartel of the Atlantic", he allegedly had high ranking military, police and politicians of Honduras on his payroll.


  1. American’s dont fuk around. Thank you USA if only we could be as tough as you here in mexico.

  2. I think he was until recently a reporter on this site, maybe just a commenter, but I think I saw him here, who snitched?

  3. A pero bien que andava de caliente.

  4. Mexico has a huge problem with this narco thing, horrible.. the only way it could stop is if Americans stop consuming so much drugs.. Mexico is at fault to but the Americans are the ones that fund the drugs. They give Mexico money to keep the drugs coming not to stop it

    1. 518 Mijo, I am very happy that you're expressing with an open mind. Let's say USA stopped consuming drugs (never), do you think it's only the US, that uses drugs? They ship it to other countries. Therefore it would not stop.

      El Perin de Tamp.

    2. 5:18 Oh stop it. Mexicans have big noses too.

    3. james!!! you made me spit my morning coffee out a bit 👃

  5. He committed murders and crime, got away with it for a while. This shows us bribe the government, get free pass to kill.

  6. Legalize portugal


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