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Thursday, April 25, 2019

El Marro behind attacks on bars

A criminal group claimed at least three attacks that have occurred in recent days against clubs and bars that are allegedly related to organized crime.

Through a cardboard with a threatening message signed by "Santa Rosa de Lima", the warning is read that is also directed against police with links to rival groups.

In recent days there have been armed attacks against at least three bars named "Katrina", "Unicornio" and "El Bigotes", the latter where four people were injured.

The criminal group that claimed the facts would be presumably led by "El Marro", a delinquent leader who has been linked to the theft of hydrocarbons and against whose organization large operations were carried out by authorities of the three levels of government.

A commando that escaped on board a car, fired at the facade of the bar "La Katrina", the early hours of this Saturday, after hours earlier, unknown subjects had left a warning message outside.

The Municipal Police moved to the place to attend to a report of firearms detonations in the Diaz Ordaz Boulevard, in front of the bus station.

Upon the arrival of the units, the officers saw cartridges on the public highway, as well as damage caused by a firearm projectile on the bar's facade and in the "Rocío" wine shop.

Immediately, security tape was laid out to protect the evidence and the Public Prosecutor's Office carried out the expert report.

In the place of the events a cardboard message was also secured, which is already part of the investigations.

Manta reads as follows:

"We continue with the cleansing. This will happen to all who continue to support the Jaliscas whores. Bars, clubs, the whole gang of dirty fucks, distributors and policemen. Here the only company that exists is that of your lord and master Mr. Marro."

 Santa Rosa de Lima   Sombra Group  M (Marro) Gto. (Guanajuato)  S.R.L. (Santa Rosa de Lima)


  1. More CJNG false flags

    1. Wake up this one is Santa Rosa del Lima.

  2. Poor marro was mb ever a match for mencho

  3. What cities did these attacks occur in? Who, what, when, where and why...

    1. Salamanca usually, Irapuato, Silao, Guanajuato, Sam Miguel de Allende once in a while, no more huachicol, so others have to make it up to the Nacho Barrio Savers.

  4. El Marro is the worst cartel leader. His main business is stealing from others.

    1. If u can even consider it a cartel

    2. 3:59 mexican goverment is the worst cartel they steal from the entire country by the millions

    3. El Marro anda como perra en brama,
      creo que quiere que le den por el ovether.
      Ora es cuando, Chema!

    4. Modern day Pancho Villa, per say?

    5. 5:33 Pancho Villa was a criminal, then the US picked him up to win the war against the porfiristas, general John Pershing, (alias Blackjack) in person, on his way to become a 5 star General came to kiss Pancho's ass with help of his young lieutenants Douglas McArthur (we were lucky his mom did not come along with Dug out Doug ) and George Patton.
      There are pictures, Google them,
      Pancho Villa was the whole chimichanga.

    6. Pancho Villa was one of the best governors the State of Chihuahua ever got, many perras still hate him for that.

    7. No sean mamones. En gto manda el marro. If you don't know what is really going on then you should stay quite.

  5. Marro is homeless and mad. Im no AMLO nuthugger but el Presidente gonna get Marro because of huachicol. The oil belongs to the people, not some pandilla.


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